10 tips to prepare your smartphone for the holidays

10 tips to prepare your smartphone for the holidays

Tech July 26, 2016 10:42

- Are you going on holiday? It may be useful in advance to make your smartphone or tablet holidays proof. For example, consider a holiday bundle for mobile internet or hold a large appschoonmaak. In this article, we list ten holiday tips for you.

Before you go on holiday, it is convenient to have just to look at a holiday bundle for mobile Internet. Unfortunately, it will take another year before roaming charges are abolished in the EU and until then you will have to do with other solutions. Many providers offer the ability to record Internet abroad, but often pay you a lot and you get very little. If you want serious Internet at your holiday destination, it is often a better solution is to buy a prepaid SIM card on location. You often get a lot more for the same.

Before you go off, you may have downloaded a few movies or series to watch on the go. It can be difficult to get that then your smartphone or tablet, because of differences in supported file formats. Moreover, a too large film can occupy too much space. You solves these problems with Freemake Video Converter. Please note that during installation very well, because Freemake some other unwanted programs flour evert you do not need.
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Once you have started the program gives the clear interface to convert the possibility videos to various formats, for example to the iOS or Android video format, for which a special option available in the program. It lets you control the quality, so you do not consume more space than they need. You convert a video by dragging it towards the window or clicking + Video after you browse to the file. At the bottom you choose the desired output format and set the desired quality.

Tip 02 Freemake offers convenient ready-made options such as Android devices.

Besides your films, it is also useful to have your music at hand. For this you have several options, depending on your device. For iOS, you can use iTunes, of course, but then you have to get the limited format of iTunes. For Android, you can transfer the music via Windows Explorer and paste. For this, connect your Android device with a USB cable and drag you to the Android device notification bar down to adjust the setting for USB. Choose back using the USB setting for the option Transfer files (MTP).

Some extensions called that option Connect as a media device (MTP), the exact naming varies by brand. You can then copy the music to the Music folder and you see it in the music app on your smartphone. Other possibilities also exist. Via Spotify sync your offline music by connecting your PC and smart phone on the same network. You see your own music at local music. Missing something here, then add it via Edit / Preferences / Add a source. Then put the local music into a Spotify playlist. If you make a playlist available offline on your smartphone, then the music from your desktop is transferred to your smartphone.

Tip 04 In Android, you can see in data usage which apps consume the most data and, depending on your device, there is something about it.

If you have just completed your holiday bundle, you obviously want to be as economical as possible with the use of mobile data. So make sure that you turn off as many actions on the mobile network. For example, switch off automatic updates. In iOS you go for this, go to Settings / iTunes and App Store where you'll find the setting Automatic Downloads. Put all the options out there. Below you will find otherwise use mobile data.

On Android, open the Play Store. Tap left on the icon with the three vertical lines, scroll to the bottom to Settings. Make sure to Apps automatic update option is only Apps update automatically over Wi-Fi selected. If you want to give some apps no access to mobile data, it is possible in iOS by going to the Settings app and select Mobile data. Then you can see below a list of all apps. Turn on the switch, this will prevent an app to use mobile data. On Android, you can accomplish the same thing, depending on your phone by going to Settings / Data usage.

If you want to explore the area on vacation, it is useful to be prepared to arrive. A handy app for this example Here Maps, available for Android and iOS that allows you cards can store offline. Moreover Here Maps public transport information stores offline, so you can easily see when the next bus arrives. You install Here Maps from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Once in the app, tap Download on the icon with the three vertical lines and select for Maps. Then you tap Unlock your map and choose the area you want to get. You can also get voice control, but then go to Settings / Voice Options / Voice download you choose Dutch. Moreover, offer many tourist areas own apps to issued by the state or government. These contain useful and free information about the area you are visiting.

At least once in the year it is advisable to agree to hold a large appschoonmaak. In iOS is as simple as viewing all apps on the home screen and the ones you do not want to delete. Then go to Settings / General / Change in background. Here you see apps that can perform background operations. If you want your battery lasts as long as possible, switch it off as much as possible. However if you use an app very often, then it's worth it to have this anyway background activities so that the latest data is retrieved automatically. Do you have worked through the list, it is still necessary even by taking the permissions each app. You go back to Settings / Privacy and go by item, by which apps that all have access to.

Clear for Android lets you buy apps by holding it in the launcher and dragging Delete. Unfortunately, you will have less ability to manage activity background apps. You can buy apps individually or close stop in Settings / Apps. Then tap an app, and choose to stop now. An alternative is to use an app like Greenify which apps automatically pauses. But that app only works optimally if your phone is rooted.

Also, your mobile devices, it is important to have backups. In the case of loss or theft so you can switch to another device. On iOS you make or iCloud backup, and lying in the cloud, or a (encrypted) iTunes backup. ITunes backups, it is also possible to back up over Wi-Fi, so you do not have to connect your smartphone or tablet PC. To create an iTunes backup, connect your smartphone once with the PC and click on the icon of your smartphone top left of iTunes. Then choose to create automatic backups for this computer and put a checkmark next to Encrypt iPhone backup. Down at options put a tick Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi. Click Apply and ready.

Android, use the options from Google or your phone manufacturers such as LG, Samsung or HTC.

07 tip for Samsung phones use your Smart Switch for Windows and Mac to create a backup.

You do not suddenly be faced with the surprise that there is no space available on your smartphone or tablet. It is important to get a grip on the media that is present on your device. Android has built this tool to see in the store. You can see that in Settings, then go to Storage. You can see below what type of files occupy all that space. For example you can use the Google Photos app (see tip 21) to clear your photos and put in the cloud. Other media do you remove from a file manager. Another possibility is to use the Disk Usage app for Android. This app is similar to WinDirStat for Windows and works similar. You can scan both internal and external storage and sees how much space each folder it.

IOS uses iTunes to see where all your storage has gone to. If you connect your device to the computer, open iTunes automatically. When you click the top left icon on your device, you'll see a bar at the bottom with the spacing on your device.

If you like to read something on the go, it is convenient to carry e-books. You can manage e-books for example Calibre combined with Calibre Companion app for Android. Calibre is software to manage with your e-books on your PC and can convert all kinds of formats to epub and pdf. The Calibre Companion app for Android, which costs 3.25 euro one-off, you can then sync your collection of e-books via Wi-Fi with your smartphone or tablet. Calibre is useful because the e-books from sphere. com and Amazon DRM can convert DRM and can get off, so you can then read anywhere. For iOS, you're stuck with iBooks or for example the app Gerty.

Tip 09 With Calibre can easily manage e-books, with the Companion app for Android, you can also read e-books on your smartphone.

Using Task Manager on Android is controversial. However, some applications remain way it operates in the background, even if you'd rather not. Then a task management app nevertheless useful. Before you therefore start working, it is useful to first reboot your smartphone to see if that helps. A useful example taakbeheerapp ES Task Manager. You install the app from Google Play and opens him afterwards. You will see a list of all the applications on the phone. You can click on the main menu Kill all to empty all at once. Otherwise, click on the icon with the three vertical lines on the left and choose Task Manager, where you can manage individual active applications.

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