• 'Iranian state shakers hit the Netherlands'

    'Iranian state shakers hit the Netherlands'

    new york March 23, 2018 17:24 Hot Recent News

    Nine Iranians have been charged with cyber espionage in the United States. The hackers would have invaded at one or more Dutch universities. They have not been arrested, but the US Department of Justice has brought out their names on Friday to counter them.

  • Name Anne Frank not on German train

    Name Anne Frank not on German train

    berlin February 28, 2018 17:03 Hot Recent News

    Deutsche Bahn (DB) abandons a plan to name trains after historical personalities, such as Anne Frank. A spokesperson for the rail company acknowledged to the newspaper Bild that a 'hurtful' error of assessment was made.

  • Finally peace after 'camembert war'

    Finally peace after 'camembert war'

    rouen February 23, 2018 09:42 Hot Recent News

    After ten years of struggle, industrial producers of the Norman camembert cheese and other camembert makers have agreed on what is on the packaging and how the cheese can be made, according to French media.

  • Thousands of street against racism

    Thousands of street against racism

    macerata February 10, 2018 22:03 Hot Recent News

    Thousands of people have taken to the streets of the Italian city of Macerata to demonstrate against racism. There, a man opened fire on African migrants a week ago. Such manifestations also took place in other places in the country.

  • Navalny in the attack

    Navalny in the attack

    moscow February 9, 2018 04:33 Hot Recent News

    Russiagate, or the possible interference of the Kremlin in the American elections, has received a spectacular follow-up in Russia itself. Anti-corruption blogger Aleksej Navalny, who is excluded from the presidential election next month, says he has evidence that billionaire Oleg Deripaska was the secret emissary of the Kremlin in 2016 with Paul Manafort, then the campaign chief of Donald Trump.

  • Ukraine enforces alimony with 'wall of shame' list

    Ukraine enforces alimony with 'wall of shame' list

    kiev February 6, 2018 12:45 Hot Recent News

    Ukraine has launched an online register containing 75,000 names of fathers who do not pay the maintenance. With the 'wall of shame' the country wants to enforce that they still pay. Those on the list may not travel abroad unless they pay for six months. In case of an entry on the list, the police may confiscate the vehicle of the person in question.

  • Elite Russia under attack

    Elite Russia under attack

    moscow January 30, 2018 19:06 Hot Recent News

    With restrained anger and played nonchalance, the Russian elite responded to the black list of 210 names of politicians and oligarchs, who, according to the US Treasury, are the pillars of the Putin regime.

  • 'Putin would have liked to have been on the US black list'

    'Putin would have liked to have been on the US black list'

    moscow January 30, 2018 12:57 Hot Recent News

    Russian President Putin is sad that his name does not adorn an American list of 'Russian oligarchs'. This was reported by the Russian news agency Sputnik on Tuesday. Putin reacted so jokingly to a 'Kremlin list' published by the US Treasury Department with the names of business people close to the Russian power center.

  • Hackers can watch Tinder by mistake

    Hackers can watch Tinder by mistake

    san francisco January 24, 2018 17:48 Hot Recent News

    Due to a mistake by Tinder it is possible to sneak peek with users in action. For example, it is possible to see which profiles a person looks at and whether he or she swipes to the left (reject), to the right (interested) or to the top (very much interested). It is necessary to be on the same Wi-Fi network as the intended victim.

  • Trump announces 'Fake News Awards'

    Trump announces 'Fake News Awards'

    washington January 18, 2018 05:54 Hot Recent News

    President Donald Trump has announced the winners of his own 'Fake News Awards'. On the website of the Republican party he announced that among others The New York Times, the Washington Post, ABC News and CNN were winners of the 'long awaited 2017 fake news awards'.

  • Hollywood establishes anti-abuse committee

    los angeles December 17, 2017 07:03 Hot Recent News

    The entertainment industry in the United States has set up a committee that will fight against sexual harassment in Hollywood. The committee consists of important people from the film and television world.

  • Family of failing terrorist heard New York

    dhaka December 13, 2017 10:03 Hot Recent News

    The Bangladesh authorities found no evidence that the alleged perpetrator of the attack in New York had connections with militants in that country. Meanwhile, the police in Bangladesh questioned family members of 27-year-old Akayed Ullah who was born in Bangladesh and lived in New York.

  • Blacklist tax havens is milestone

    brussels December 5, 2017 20:03 Hot Recent News

    After long debates there is finally a deal about a first-ever European black list of tax havens. Whereas in 92 countries problems were initially identified by the European Commission, eventually seventeen names of tax donors appear on the list.

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