• Washington is also preparing for Florence

    Washington is also preparing for Florence

    washington September 11, 2018 20:00 Hot Recent News

    The US capital Washington DC is preparing for the arrival of hurricane Florence. In the city the state of emergency has been proclaimed, following the nearby states of Virginia and Maryland, according to the Washington Post newspaper.

  • Journalists-killer committed murder

    Journalists-killer committed murder

    annapolis June 29, 2018 16:39 Hot Recent News

    The man who, according to the police at the editorial office of a newspaper in the American state of Maryland, opened fire on the people who were working there, was Friday accused of multiple murder. The 38-year-old Jarrod Ramos hated the Capital Gazette and its reporters because they once wrote that he had obsessively attacked a former classmate without any reason, including via Facebook.

  • 'Shooting' at NSA headquarters in Maryland

    'Shooting' at NSA headquarters in Maryland

    fort meade February 14, 2018 13:48 Hot Recent News

    At the headquarters of the American intelligence service NSA in the state of Maryland, Wednesday may have been shot. Many police units and other emergency services are on site. According to American media, three people were injured. The situation was quickly under control, the authorities reported.

  • Video Trump in storm viral

    Video Trump in storm viral

    maryland July 9, 2017 10:51 Hot Recent News

    A video of a helpful US president Donald Trump is currently on the web viral. It's not about an awkward handshake with another world leader or an inappropriate joke to a journalist. This time, Trump's response to a storm-disrupted protocol is 'hot' under Twitteraars.

  • Trump entry ban for highest court

    Trump entry ban for highest court

    washington June 26, 2017 07:48 Hot Recent News

    The US Supreme Court bends Monday on the proposed ban on entry of President Donald Trump for residents from six Islamic countries. Previous laws for a temporary ban have been rejected by lower courts in recent months.

  • US governments complain Trump

    US governments complain Trump

    washington June 12, 2017 19:30 Hot Recent News

    The US state of Maryland and the District of Columbia (D.C.), where Washington's capital falls, drag President Donald Trump to court. According to The Washington Post, they accuse 'unprecedented violations of the constitution' because he has earned millions of dollars to foreign governments since his arrival.

  • Entry ban Trump in appeal dismissed

    Entry ban Trump in appeal dismissed

    san francisco June 12, 2017 19:24 Hot Recent News

    Again, an American court of appeal has rejected the temporary ban on entry of President Donald Trump for residents of sixteen major Islamic countries. The verdict of a lower court remained largely over.

  • Again bomb Jewish institutions USA

    new york February 27, 2017 19:42 Hot Recent News

    Certainly sixteen Jewish community centers and schools in the United States on Monday received a bomb threat. It has been reported NBC News. This year it is the umpteenth threat of force, which is interpreted by Jewish groups as a revival of anti-Semitism after the election of Donald Trump as president.

  • Trump is on profit

    Trump is on profit

    November 9, 2016 05:21 Hot Recent News

    Donald Trump has won in the states of Ohio, Montana, Texas, Louisiana, North- and South Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Alabama, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Mississippi, West Virginia, South Carolina, Indiana and Kentucky.

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