• Bloody year in France

    Bloody year in France

    November 14, 2015 01:15 Hot Recent News

    The attacks on Friday in Paris a new low for France. The country has had a turbulent year behind, with one attack after another. An overview of the most recent terrorist acts :

  • Prosecutor sees no good in pursuit Le Pen

    Prosecutor sees no good in pursuit Le Pen

    lyon October 20, 2015 21:36 Hot Recent News

    The prosecutor of the Public Prosecutor ( OM) in France does not think that Marine Le Pen should be prosecuted for a controversial statement that she did five years ago. The leader of the far-right National Front party in 2010 compared Muslim street preachers with Nazis. According to the prosecution which statement is true " shocking ," but at the same time part of " the right to freedom of expression ."

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