• Hawking family raffles tickets

    Hawking family raffles tickets

    london May 9, 2018 12:12 Hot Recent News

    The interest in attaching the ashes of the previous month to deceased scientist Stephen Hawking is so great that his family has set up a large lottery. The public can compete for one of the thousand admission tickets to the ceremony via a special website.

  • Orange defends gold in sunrise

    Orange defends gold in sunrise

    darwin October 10, 2017 23:24 Hot Recent News

    Take on the Dutch (take it against the Dutch). That's the motto of the World Solar Challenge, a race with cars driving on solar panels through Australia. The student contest begins Sunday. The Netherlands dominates the race for years. And this year gold is also in front of orange. 'Dutch dominance', according to the Australian contest.

  • Participation Delft students sundownera insecure

    Participation Delft students sundownera insecure

    delft September 7, 2017 12:00 Hot Recent News

    The Delft student team Nuon Solar Team gets a serious backstroke for the pick. Airline companies do not dare to bring their handmade battery to Australia for the race with solar cars next month. This is due to recent accidents with batteries of aircraft on board aircraft.

  • Evolutionary learning from Turkish school books

    Evolutionary learning from Turkish school books

    ankara July 18, 2017 17:45 Hot Recent News

    The evolutionary theory of Darwin has been removed from the new curriculum for Turkish schools. Turkish students will only be heard later on in the biology class, for the rest, the subject will only be discussed at the university. 'For students it is still too high,' said Minister of Education Ismet Yilmaz on Tuesday.

  • Turkey wants to remove Darwin from school books

    Turkey wants to remove Darwin from school books

    istanbul June 23, 2017 16:30 Hot Recent News

    Turkish government plans to stop teaching Darwin's evolutionary theory are no longer a source of opposition in the country. The CHP, the biggest opposition party, denies the AKP of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to study Islamic reading education in the country.

  • Australia fears mega damage cyclone Debbie

    Australia fears mega damage cyclone Debbie

    airlie beach/brisbane March 28, 2017 13:54 Hot Recent News

    The cyclone Debbie arrived Tuesday in northeast Australia. Hurricane with winds of 260 kilometers per hour as disastrous and devastating defined and moves slowly westward. Australian media fear that the cyclone causes a lot of damage, because Debbie moving at only 6 mph.

  • Australia's largest evacuation for Hurricane Debbie
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    Australia's largest evacuation for Hurricane Debbie

    brisbane March 28, 2017 06:18 Hot Recent News

    The Australian authorities have called on 30,000 people to leave their home because of hurricane Debbie. The coastal areas are plagued by high winds and rain in the north and east of Australia. It would go to the largest evacuation since 1974. When Hurricane Tracy devastated the major parts of the city of Darwin.

  • Rainfall plaguing Northern Australia

    Rainfall plaguing Northern Australia

    canberra February 5, 2017 05:57 Hot Recent News

    Australia is plagued by bad weather. In the last 24 hours is more than 200 millimeters of rain fell in the northern city of Darwin. The heavy rain caused chaos on the roads and took Saturday at least two people died, reports the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

  • 'Take on Netherlands' in solar car race
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    'Take on Netherlands' in solar car race

    June 5, 2016 16:18 Hot Recent News

    Australia on Sunday presented the upcoming race for solar cars. Which will be held from 8 to October 15, 2017. The competition is frequently a target for Dutch students. And so the race can only have one motto, find the Australian organizers:,, Take on the Dutch '' take on the Dutch.

  • Ben sees them fly

    Ben sees them fly

    November 10, 2015 20:15 Hot Recent News

    How can such a smart person can make such stupid mistakes? That is, after the new blunders of Ben Carson, the question that America bends over in preparation for the fourth Republican debate tonight for an audience of millions on TV.

  • Anthropologist Girard deceased

    Anthropologist Girard deceased

    stanford November 5, 2015 13:30 Hot Recent News

    The French anthropologist and historian René Girard is deceased at the age of 91. Which was published by the Stanford University where he served as professor emeritus was attached to.

  • Dutch teams present solar cars

    Dutch teams present solar cars

    sydney October 29, 2015 11:15 Hot Recent News

    The Nuon Solar Team of Delft University of Technology and Solar Team Twente last week are respectively number one and two were in the World Solar Challenge in Sydney presented their solar cars Nuna8 and Red One. Dutch Consulate General in Sydney invited the teams to their solar cars in the city's business district to promote the innovative character of the Netherlands.

  • Twente holds solid lead solar race

    Twente holds solid lead solar race

    October 20, 2015 12:48 Hot Recent News

    The Dutch student teams from Twente , Delft and Eindhoven remain leading in the World Solar Challenge, a prestigious competition of solar cars across the Australian desert . After three days and halfway through the race , Team Twente managed to hold the lead. The Nuon Solar Team from Delft ended day three on the second place . The team from Eindhoven participates in another class , the category of family cars powered by solar energy , and is a close second .

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