• Finally peace after 'camembert war'

    Finally peace after 'camembert war'

    rouen February 23, 2018 09:42 Hot Recent News

    After ten years of struggle, industrial producers of the Norman camembert cheese and other camembert makers have agreed on what is on the packaging and how the cheese can be made, according to French media.

  • French police suspect terrorist suspects

    French police suspect terrorist suspects

    rouen May 2, 2017 17:54 Hot Recent News

    The French police arrested five terrorist suspects on Tuesday afternoon. This happened according to the newspaper Le Parisien in Roanne, Villeneuve-d'Ascq (Lille) and Rouen. In this last place, heavy weapons were found during the search. The arrests are part of a preliminary investigation that opened the parquet of Paris on March 8th.

  • Two Frenchmen accused of terrorism

    Two Frenchmen accused of terrorism

    September 21, 2016 11:21 Hot Recent News

    Two Frenchmen were arrested Friday are Wednesday accused of terrorism. It is a thirty-year man from Dole and a 39-year-old from Roanne. They are accused of conspiring ' with a view to a terrorist enterprise '', reported prosecutor in Paris.

  • 'Caught again fifteen years with attack plans'

    'Caught again fifteen years with attack plans'

    September 20, 2016 01:42 Hot Recent News

    "In Paris on Wednesday picked up a fifteen year old boy who is suspected of plotting an attack. French media reported that agents of the intelligence service DGSI him arrested early in the morning, because he would like to sow with a pointed weapon of death and destruction and would have had contact with the French jihadist Rachid Kassim, who resides in Syria since 2012."

  • Arrest in Case murdered priest

    Arrest in Case murdered priest

    toulouse August 10, 2016 14:24 Hot Recent News

    When investigating the murder of the priest Jacques Hamel is a 21-year-old man arrested in the southern French Toulouse. The channel BFMTV reported Wednesday that the man had telephone contact with the two Islamic terrorists mental late July brought to life.

  • Emotional farewell priest

    Emotional farewell priest

    rouen August 2, 2016 17:09 Hot Recent News

    With an emotional church service Tuesday, France has bid farewell to the murdered priest Jacques Hamel. Two Islamic terrorists brought the 85-year-old cleric last week to life in his own church near Rouen.

  • 'Funding mosques contain'

    'Funding mosques contain'

    July 29, 2016 10:33 Hot Recent News

    France should consider a temporary ban on foreign money flows into French mosques. So says the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls in an interview with Le Monde. Valls reacts to the church murder in the village of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray where an elderly priest's throat was cut by two IS-inspired 19-year-old French.

  • Second offender church murder was known to services

    Second offender church murder was known to services

    rouen July 28, 2016 08:33 Hot Recent News

    The second culprit of the murder church in the Norman village of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray was known to the French secret services. The 19-year-old Abdel-Malik Nabil Petitjean was suspected of links with jihadists, say sources told Reuters. He'd come from a French village on the border with Germany.

  • Pope card immediately to issue refugees

    Pope card immediately to issue refugees

    krakow July 27, 2016 19:48 Hot Recent News

    Pope Francis has immediately after arriving in Krakow for a five-day visit to Poland held the refugee issue on the agenda. In an interview with President and Prime Minister Andrzej Duda Beata Szydlo he insisted on a proper reception of migrants. Poland refuses so far Muslims from crisis regions like Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan to be included in significant numbers. The last time the country was startled by aggressive forms of xenophobia.

  • Hollande met church representatives

    Hollande met church representatives

    July 27, 2016 09:48 Hot Recent News

    After the attack Tuesday at a Catholic church in northern France, President Francois Hollande met with representatives of the religious communities. Wednesday he invited Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants, Muslims, Jews and Buddhists from the Elysee in Paris. Subsequently, the government bends over additional security.

  • Hollande: captors relied on IS

    Hollande: captors relied on IS

    rouen July 26, 2016 13:00 Hot Recent News

    The hostage-takers in the French church have relied on the terror organization Islamic State (IS). That said, French President Francois Hollande Wednesday during his visit to the site near Rouen, without mentioning further details.

  • French hostage in church

    French hostage in church

    July 26, 2016 10:00 Hot Recent News

    In a church in the northern French village of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, near Rouen, according to the police a hostage situation going on. Two men with knives would hold six people against their will.

  • French aghast fuel depots

    French aghast fuel depots

    May 27, 2016 15:45 Hot Recent News

    Second, all fuel depots in France appalled by the police. The blockades raised by protesters are removed, the Department of Transportation reported according to French media. A warehouse in Gargenville, between Paris and Rouen, is owned by stakend staff. The 'unblock' the fuel storage means that the supply of petrol stations can be restored. That goes well according to the ministry.

  • Train rumbles by elusive France

    Train rumbles by elusive France

    October 22, 2015 14:55 Hot Recent News

    A train in France is 19 kilometers at high speed on the stretch between Abancourt and Rouen in the northern department of Seine -Maritime driven without the driver could stop him. The incident happened after the train two cows had hit a speed of 140 kilometers per hour. This was reported by the French newspaper Le Figaro Thursday.

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