YouTube fighting baseless copyright claims

YouTube fighting baseless copyright claims

Tech November 20, 2015 10:45

- YouTube is willing to jump the gap for its users and who are faced with excessive copyright claims. Reported YouTube owner Google.

" We provide legal support for the upload of a handful of videos that we believe that fall under "fair use" of source material ", writes Fred von Lohmann, director of legal affairs at Google. When the so-called 'fair use' using fragments affecting not copyright interests of the original maker detectable. Should it therefore be that it is threatened with a lawsuit, it is Google willing to- in the United States- to stand up for the uploader. " We will keep online videos in the US and pay the costs of any lawsuits. " These cases will be exceptional, stresses von Lohmann. " We can not give legal assistance for every video maker, but we will continue to resist legally baseless copyright claims as part of our normal policy. "

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