Syria consultations to be continued

Syria consultations to be continued

World October 30, 2015 21:45

- The main decision of the ministers and diplomats from the seventeen countries Friday in Vienna talked about the struggle in Syria, was about two weeks to gather again komen.Toch important decisions lie ahead. A cease-fire would already be in the short term. For the longer term were discussed elections and the formation of a transitional government.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said afterwards that major progress has been made. He believes that Syria must decide for itself what with President Assad, a protégé of Moscow, should be done. That, however, does not everyone in Vienna. His counterpart Laurent Fabius of France called the fate of Assad even the " most contentious point " of consultations.

Who like to say something about that, representatives of the Syrian government and the anti- Assadrebellen are in Vienna, however, not the party. More parties benefit from an adequate " way out of hell ", as America 's Secretary John Kerry described the resolution of the conflict. For example, Germany has great benefit from a rapid solution. The relentless flow of refugees Berlin reveals major concerns.

Parallel to the solutions for the domestic Syrian conflict is tackling Islamic State. Everyone in Vienna agrees that the terrorists must be stopped by force of arms and expelled.

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