Putin was afraid incident

Putin was afraid incident

World November 24, 2015 12:15

moscow - With the shooting down of a Russian fighter morning by Turkish F'16 over the territory of Turkey, the Russian Air Force and those of NATO member Turkey actually come into conflict.

Although Russian media news downed Sukhoi-24 initially concealed, the first reactions from Moscow of resentment and anger. "This is where Putin has long warned of," said an analyst in Moscow. "The Kremlin insists on a broad international coalition with the US against Islamic State (IS). But so far Washington is blocking it. "GespannenHet was not the first time that a Russian fighter jet violated the territory of Turkey. This happened twice before last October, when the Russian ambassador in Ankara was summoned immediately on the mat. The question on the incident the already tense relations between Russia and the West will have to escalate further. A spokesman for the Turkish army unit was "warned ten times" before the SU-24 near the village of Latakia, about forty kilometers from the Russian air base in the Syrian port city of Latakia, was knocked down. The images of the downed plane, which crashed down in flames, as were all over the world. One of the two pilots, who managed to break free with parachutes would be in the hands of Turkmen forces in northern Syria. Drink blood while Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish leader Erdogan initially had an improved relationship- there would be more of a gas pipeline built from Russia to Europe via Turkey- are the two leaders in the conflict in Syria actually opposed. While Putin supports the Syrian leader Assad, Erdogan may drink his blood. The support in Russia for the month and a half ago by Putin over Syria began military operation is diminishing. After the recent terrorist attack on a Russian passenger plane over the Sinai desert in Egypt, where all 224 occupants tend died, the Kremlin is actually at war with Islamic state. The downed Sukhoi-24 unit is an old servant in the Russian Air Force, a type that was previously deployed in operations over Chechnya and in Soviet times over Afghanistan.

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