Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded

Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded

World October 9, 2015 21:49

stockholm - The Nobel committee in Sweden Wednesday announce who will receive this year's Nobel Prize for Chemistry. The award ceremony is on December 10 , the anniversary of Alfred Nobel. The winners will divide a sum of over € 850,000 .

Among the contenders are Americans John B. Goodenough and M. Stanley Whittingham. They developed the lithium-ion battery. That is lightweight and does not run quickly. The battery is therefore widely used in cellular phones, laptop computers, tablet computers, cameras and electrical voertuigen.

De prize was awarded last year to two Americans and a Romanian German. They have ensured that can be studied with a microscope smaller particles than was previously possible. The technology is used among others in research into diseases such as Parkinson and alzheimer.Drie Dutch have received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry: Jacobus Henricus van 't Hoff (1901), Peter Debye (1936) and Paul Crutzen (1995) .Scheikunde is traditionally the third Nobel Prize to be announced. Medicine was awarded Monday to an Irishman, a Japanese and a Chinese who fought against infectious diseases such as malaria. Physics has been awarded to a Japanese and a Canadian who studied neutrino particles.

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