New London taxi looks like the old

World October 27, 2015 14:23

london - That 's very good indeed, welcomed the BBC on its website. Good news that the brand-new, world famous London taxi still very similar to the Austin model of the fifties. The new TX5 enters 2017 in the streets of the British capital.

The new cab is black again, exactly as it should be, find the English. Although there are LED lights on the car, he is also familiar : tall and stately. There were recent years, rivals in the Mercedes- Benz Vito and the Nissan NV200, but that seemed in its appearance according to the English more on Frankfurt and Tokyo than in their own London.

The TX5 is probably very English in appearance, the manufacturer is Chinese. Not for nothing, the new cab was presented during the visit by the Chinese president Xi Jinping brought to England. But the artists were British, the model is nationally owned and untouchable.

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