Miracle Baby recovers from ' incurable leukemia '

Miracle Baby recovers from ' incurable leukemia '

World November 6, 2015 14:15

- A British baby has miraculously recovered from an aggressive form of leukemia. The little Layla Richards was treated with a new kind of cell therapy and made miraculous progress.

Barely three months old when doctors Layla was an incurable, aggressive form of leukemia in her permanent appointees. Chemotherapy and stem cell transplantation did not help and Layla's parents were advised especially to fully enjoy the remaining time together. " However, the family refused to sit down in the towel and began an intensive search for alternative treatment.

"Primeur'Uiteindelijk decided to try something totally new; the so-called "designer immune cells." A world first, enable treating physicians of London's Great Ormond Street Hospital. Until then, the therapy was only tested on mice. Layla's father Ashleigh Richards admits that in the beginning it was quite a scary idea. " The idea that the treatment had never been applied to a human being was indeed frightening, but we quickly decided that we wanted to try it anyway. Our little girl was sick and had a lot of pain, we had to do something. " Scientists names of white blood cells from a healthy donor, and these manipulated so that they were able to recognize and destroy leukemia cells. After the first treatment in June, no more cancer cells were detected in Layla's blood.

After a second bone marrow transplant restores little at home, reports the BBC. It is still too early to say whether Layla is finally cured, but its progress has been big news in the medical world. Doctors call it a "miracle". However, it will still need quite some research be done before the therapy on the market will come.

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