'Less glass successor Google Glass'

'Less glass successor Google Glass'

Tech November 17, 2015 08:45

- It was already known that Google secretly still working on the development of Google Glass glasses. According to The Information is working with the tech giant pressure on three successors. One of those successors to be a Glass glasses without glass.

Under the code name Project Aura operate a number of employees according to the website to print a successor to the not quite come into its Google Glass. The three prototypes that are in circulation now are reportedly likely down to two models. Of the two models, there is one for businesses and one for the consumer market. Which for business users would resemble the existing smart glasses. It is a frame with a small glass of it. The new Glass for consumer probably does not screen but works entirely on the basis of audio. As in the first Glass you will get sound into your ear using a special technique called " bone conduction " is mentioned. You should therefore everything, but you do not need to put caps in or on your ears. A piece of iron near your ear is enough. Glass as new models come onto the market, which is at the earliest sometime in 2016.

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