Leeuwarden meets on azc

Leeuwarden meets on azc

World February 1, 2016 20:28

leeuwarden - The City Council of Leeuwarden meets Monday about the arrival of a refugee center for 600 residents. The municipality made two weeks ago announced it in the former post sorting center at Snekertrekweg for a maximum period of ten years, asylum seekers could admit.

Now there are over vacant manager Carex ten people in the building. The building did until a few years ago as a replacement for the provincial house which was then rebuilt.

The property is in an area with many office buildings. Before it can serve as a reception center must, according to the municipality are much cultivated. The first asylum seekers were not before the end of this year could involve the building.

A meeting last week for residents and surrounding businesses was uneventful. It is expected that a majority of the council behind the plan of the city state.

Next week, the board takes a final position.

Zander Lamme will beat reporter via Twitter the council.

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