'Kurds commit war crimes in Syria'

'Kurds commit war crimes in Syria'

World October 14, 2015 00:00

- A Syrian Kurdish militia is located in northern Syria guilty of war crimes by displacing other ethnic groups. This is stated in a report presented Tuesday by Amnesty International.

In areas where the Kurdish PYD (Democratic Union Party ) has the say , the militia has YPG ( People's Protection Units ), thousands of Arab and Turkmen citizens displaced and their homes destroyed . The YPG is the armed wing of the PYD that is akin to the extremist PKK in northern Iraq and Turkey . Amnesty is relying on its own research in the Syrian provinces of Raqqah and Hasakah . After the YPG sites on Islamic State (IS) had conquered , the civilian population has consistently been the victims of collective punishment and expulsion , according to Amnesty . Satellite photos show example Husseiniyah village , which had 225 premises in June 2014 . A year later , that only fourteen . The YPG began to expel citizens after it was captured from IS in February 2015 . Kurds have the report described as a series of false accusations.

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