IS fear brain drain

IS fear brain drain

World October 8, 2015 14:16

raqqa - The EU gets help from notable corner in his efforts to the unrelenting flow of refugees from Iraq and Syria to halt . Terror Group IS fears a brain drain and is now itself launched an offensive to stop the exodus .

Since mid-September IS distributes videos and articles which refugees are discredited, again the Belgian newspaper De Tijd. The terrorist organization wants to prevent that more Muslims move the tour to Europe maken.IS warns of the "fairytale Europe". It is an illusion that you see in security, prosperity and luxury will find, is said in one of the videos.

"Europe is an imaginary paradise". It is also said that people in refugees being robbed and exploited in camps. Who then is still considering to leave for the land of the infidels, awaits the wrath of Muhammad, says IS.In the propaganda videos are images of sinking boats with refugees and fields running seekers interspersed with idyllic beeldenan cornfields and cozy markets in the kalifaat. Het Especially the highly educated Syrians who flee and that is a major problem for IS. The doctors, teachers, pharmacists and managers are desperately needed to keep it going the Caliphate.

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