Internet is the new teacher

Internet is the new teacher

Tech December 28, 2015 11:35

- Lessons over the internet. It has become the most normal thing in the world. A range of school tutoring, music lessons, language lessons, photography. And there is a striking trend: especially seniors explore the contemporary possibilities.,, In the past there was never really time for music lessons. I got it twice now and crosswise. '

         Michel Penterman of the music class website Learning From Stars. ie signals a marked increase in the older online participant:,, I myself for six years through guitar Guitar. nl and it strikes me the average student is aging. That is also visible at Cor Bakker, who handles online piano lessons. My oldest customer is 84, his oldest customer even 87 years. '
A survey of 400 respondents by Online Star Academy. ie show that more than 30 percent of the students are 60 years or older. The reasons for this are obvious, says Penterman:,, These people had previously often no money or time or should not be an instrument to learn to play with their parents. That catch them now. Seniors often also form a group which still less like going out. Lessons by Internet offer a solution. Moreover, the cost of such online courses are often much lower than that of a live instructor. '
The digital world is as Penterman no longer confined to youth, but older people feel more and more at home:,, You notice that seniors move easily on the Internet. They are convenient to both computer, iPad or tablet and hesitate not to pay over the internet. Striking detail is that most of our customers formerly found via Google and YouTube, but now older people often come via Facebook contact us. '
Jos van Heteren (65) from Washington, DC swears by digital music lessons.,, In the past it was never there. It was always working and working. Therefore, I am a real late bloomer. On my 45th I joined a harmony. Played tuba, but started playing about ten years ago and later piano keyboards. '
Since early this year, he gets online lesson of the famous pianist Cor Bakker.,, I have been a loyal fan of Cor. Online offers many more possibilities. The nice thing is that you no longer need to group lessons at a music school and can attend classes at a time that suits you. Though it's the middle of the night. '
Herman Meiners Bijlesned. en tells how he was ten years ago was a fool when he began giving regular school subjects tutoring over the internet:,, It merely met with incomprehension. The market was totally not ready for. But it soon became apparent that we were ahead of our time. Online shopping and a travel book is today the most normal thing in the world. Following tutoring now also. '
On numbers he does not disclose for competitive reasons:,, We started stuck with zero students, but have since grown more than 1,000 percent. 'He says his organization to focus on anything even studying:,, Primary education, secondary education, MBO, HBO. But we also have someone of 82 years who wants to get his diploma havo via a part-time course. Very special. He gets a big cake when he succeeds. '
According to Meiners is a misunderstanding that the unhampered pursuit of freedom would be during online tutoring. A teacher works according to him, not necessarily as the famous big stick.,, So it may have worked 20 or 30 years ago. But society is now very different. The lessons are very well organized and the experience shows that pupils lessons are less distracting than in physical lessons. Where physical tutoring at 65 to 76 percent of the students succeed, is that online classes 93 percent. '

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