Fighting to passenger

Fighting to passenger

World November 1, 2015 09:00

amsterdam - Buses are major competitors of the train. It does not seem to be long before there will be a dirt cheap intercity network of luxury coaches in our country. These buses are often new, comfortable and equipped with wifi and power outlets.

The major German bus company Flixbus will shortly all luxury intercity buses bet between Eindhoven and Enschede and Eindhoven and Groningen. The English Megabus and Arriva (ICBus) look seriously at driving buses between major cities. The bus rides will be slower than the train, but who chooses can quickly save 50 % to 90 % for the bus. For two years, developments in the international and national bus services quickly. In a few years time, an international network from the ground up fast, very cheap and luxury buses between major cities in Europe. " The average bus ride from Amsterdam to London will cost 30 euros," says Hoornweg of Megabus. " And we always sell some tickets for one euro. "That's a pittance compared with a train ticket to London, which costs about 130 euros. Read more: Province pleased with bus

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