Cop gets hot head in place

Cop gets hot head in place

World February 9, 2016 17:42

woerden - An agent from Woerden has an abusive motorist put in place on Facebook after the man insulted a pregnant woman on the A12 near Woerden. The man was angry because he had to wait while assistance was given to a pregnant lady.

The victim was injured in a rear impact and suffered from her neck and abdomen. When paramedics provided assistance to the woman, the motorist with a short fuse was angry that he was delayed. When the driver drove past, he hung cursing out his window.

One of the officers involved writing on
Facebook. Quot; In this way, I thank the very understanding man who found it necessary to scold us while he drove past. Sorry we helped this heavily pregnant woman, and that you had come ten minutes later at your destination. Quot;

Woerden- This morning collision injury treated on the A12. Was a rear impact which went pretty hard....

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