Britons threatening arms embargo Saudi Arabia

Britons threatening arms embargo Saudi Arabia

World November 11, 2015 22:00

london - The British government tightened its tone towards its major trading partner of Saudi Arabia. If the Arabs refuse to cooperate in an investigation on human rights violations in Yemen, then threatened the British with an arms embargo, said British Defense Secretary Philip Hammond.

That would mean that a line is being put through the delivery of a small fifty Typhoons, combat aircraft worth more than 3 billion pounds by British Aerospace to the oil state. The ratio between the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia is tensioned. A few weeks ago intervened British Prime Minister David Cameron personally when an elderly British man after serving his sentence would still get caned. The children of the man who was caught with homemade wine, thought the man would not survive this additional punishment. The man has been released without whipping and after spending decades in Saudi Arabia returned to England. The dispute over the treatment of prisoners was at the time led the British government to ban a contract with a British company to refurbish Saudi prisons. "National gebruiken'Dit gave an exasperated response from the Saudi ambassador in London who in an open letter said that he noticed an alarming change in British relation to the country. He demanded that the national practice in Saudi Arabia were respected by the British. The conflict now is focused on bombing by Saudi fighter planes in Yemen. According to various human rights organizations, these are bombing civilian targets. Hammond has talked to the Saudis. During a broadcast of the BBC program Newsnight told Hammond that the Saudis recognize the civilian bombing. However, he demands an independent investigation as a condition for future arms supplies. The relationship between the British arms industry and the Arab dictatorships is always attached. Just in the past year was 1.3 billion pounds of weapons sold to Saudi Arabia alone. According to a study by The Independent newspaper dictatorships worldwide annually spend more than 12 billion pounds of British weapons. That is a sensitive issue in the UK. British Aerospace, the largest arms manufacturer in the country, five years ago condemned the United States for paying lubricating gels to Saudi Arabia. An extensive study fen the British Serious Fraud Office was subsequently discontinued at the request of the British and Saudi government.

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