'Belgium was responsible for attacks'

'Belgium was responsible for attacks'

World March 7, 2016 18:00

brussels - The relatives of the victims of the attacks in Paris complain Belgium at the European Court of Human Rights. Belgium, the right to life of the victims have not been respected.,, He's dead because the Belgian authorities have failed in the obligations that they had, '' said their lawyer at the station
Francetv .

Nine of the thirteen terrorists who committed 13 November attacks in Paris, came from Belgium. That land, according to the lawyer, Samia Maktouf, enough has been done to prevent such attacks and has been guilty of negligence.

Last week showed that the police had already in July 2014 tips about the radicalization of Abdeslam brothers, one of whom blew himself up at the Stade de France and the other is still a fugitive. Maktouf also points to the situation in the Brussels district of Molenbeek.,, Sharia4Belgium held openly meetings, while it is a terrorist organization. '' She accused the mayor of overindulgence, which Molenbeek,, the black hole of jihadism in Europe '' could be.

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