Belgium action ' not done '

Belgium action ' not done '

World November 23, 2015 08:45

brussels - It is according to the Belgian Minister of the Interior Jan Jambon too early to know whether the terror threat after police actions Sunday declined. He said the actions at least not yet ended. "The action is not done yet. We will continue until we have rolled up the whole thing," said the minister in the Belgian journal.

Jambon will not have much to say about the anti-terrorist actions of the police. " The issues are very sensitive, every detail can do things in the hundred foot. If you're a defensive setup and you 're going to say ' there, and there we stand,' that is usually interesting information to potential attackers, ", said the minister. " We will not make to the world. "

The threat level in Brussels on Monday at the highest level. Sunday, sixteen people were arrested in police raids in Brussels and Charleroi. There are 22 house searches done.

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