Barclays nevertheless joins Apple Pay

Barclays nevertheless joins Apple Pay

Tech October 8, 2015 15:26

- Since July, residents of the UK use apple pay. Most large banks support Apple's payment platform already, but Barclays is the big exception. In an email leaked to MacRumors writes CEO Ashok Vaswani now that his bank in the first quarter of 2016 are going to do with it yet.

"We have now signed contracts for apple pay and we go there at the beginning of 2016 it started. Probably just after the New Year", Vaswani writes in the mail client Mike Jobson. Earlier, a spokesman for the bank already know that internal pressure was applied on apple pay and that the odds were high that Barclays would support the service.

Apple pay is now more than a year live . In 2014 the department was in the air in the US in July and was the UK 's turn. For the time being it is not clear if the Netherlands and other European countries on the role, but indications of a rapid deployment there in any case. In America, covers apple pay now about 1 percent of all payments.

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