Astronaut runs marathon London

Astronaut runs marathon London

World December 4, 2015 14:15

london - The London Marathon is next year a special participant : British astronaut Tim Peake. In the ISS on April 24, he runs the 42 kilometers and 195 on a treadmill. He starts at the same time as the 30 000 participants on Earth 400 kilometers below him.

When racing in to the ISS will Peake with a problem that is not solved: the weightlessness. In order to prevent that he drifts off, he has all the time elastics from the floor in order to sit his shoulders. Peake expects that he will get after forty minutes last of those ties. To distract him, he sees while running the streets of London on an iPad.

Peake ran the London Marathon in 1999 as well. When he finished after almost three hours and nineteen minutes. Now he hopes to come within four hours of the brush stroke. In the ISS, he turns during that time nearly three laps around the earth. The space rotates at a speed of 28 kilometers per hour, 800 round the earth. Peake thus has " a flying start ", reported the European Space Agency Friday.

Peake will be launched on December 15th.

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