Assad may also remain in Turkey

Assad may also remain in Turkey

World October 20, 2015 17:59

ankara - Turkey Bashar al-Assad should stay on as president of a transition government in Syria, as he then promised to step down. Two senior Turkish government officials have it Tuesday told Reuters. That transitional government would be allowed to stay a maximum of six months in power.

"The preparations for the departure of Assad are in full swing," said the officials, who wished to remain anonymous. "We are working this proposal, along with the United States and our other allies. When those six months should go, we do not know exactly, but it will not be long."

The US wants to present, according to the officials the elaborated proposal to Russia, but the question is whether Moscow will join as well. Russia has long been a close ally of Assad. Turkey had just been one of the biggest opponents of the regime, while taking on more smoothly now.

In late September showed British Prime Minister David Cameron already know that Assad in his opinion was allowed to remain as head of a transition government. Even Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany has shown that perhaps it should be yet talked with Assad, rather than requiring only that his resignation without entering into the dialogue.

Most western countries were at an earlier stage or that Assad immediately from his position to do, largely because of his role in the civil war in Syria. Since Islamic State (IS) is active in the country, but the proportions are different. Western countries and Syria IS as a common enemy. To enter a coalition led by the US bombing against the terror group.

Cameron, formerly hardliner when it came to the resignation of Assad, said the end of September, however, that the establishment of an international coalition against IS was a condition to help keep Assad in power. That coalition is gaining stature. France also is part of that coalition, but President Francois Hollande sees unlike the US, Britain

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