Anti Radicalisation late in Molenbeek

Anti Radicalisation late in Molenbeek

World November 16, 2015 18:00

molenbeek - Projects to counter the radicalization of youth in the Brussels suburb of Molenbeek, many started too late. This represents the current mayor of the town Françoise Schepmans Monday in a brief interview with news agency ANP.

In schools run for some time projects to make young people aware that it jihadism is based on a false image of Islam Schepmans explained. But brethren is widely until more than two years to be drawn, she says. Schepmans complained about the lack of funds is at its disposal. " 40. 000 euro. And that is to pay staff. "

Schepmans they " extremely shocked and scandalized " to be on the attack itself and the link between terrorism and its congregation. " Like all residents. "

Jean, a town with 100,000 inhabitants and with high unemployment seems to be a breeding ground for radicalising young people. Not only attended two suspected perpetrators of the attacks in Paris, also the possible perpetrator of the attack on the Jewish Museum and the suspect in the attack Thalys stayed there.

Not only on weekends, also Monday there were searches and a large-scale police operation in Molenbeek. Two of the seven suspects were arrested Monday fixed and put under suspicion of terrorism. The others, including a brother of two alleged offenders are released.

Thursday afternoon a meeting is organized for the town to inform and reassure the residents.

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