• Mysterious poisoning in prison

    Mysterious poisoning in prison

    chillicothe August 29, 2018 16:16 Hot Recent News

    Staff and prisoners in the Ross Correctional Institution in the US state of Ohio are the victims of a still mysterious poisoning. This may have been caused by a kind of opiate or the very strong fentanyl. Local media in Chillicothe, about 130 kilometers northeast of the city of Cincinnati, reported that at least thirteen people have been treated by doctors for the time being.

  • Child (4) dead after street race with father

    cincinnati January 3, 2018 13:27 Hot Recent News

    A 4-year-old girl in America has paid for the illegal street race that her father participated in while in the car. The race ended in a collision with four vehicles. The child was seriously injured in the hospital where she died Tuesday, US media said Wednesday.

  • Baby hippo testimony

    cincinnati October 25, 2017 08:39 Hot Recent News

    For weeks you have prepared your wedding in the hippopotamus, and then, at the very moment, baby hippo Fiona dives behind the glass!

  • Otto Warmbier (22) died

    Otto Warmbier (22) died

    amsterdam June 20, 2017 09:24 Hot Recent News

    The 22-year-old American student Otto Warmbier, arrested in North Korea, was released for humanitarian reasons this week. According to his father, the student had 'severe brain injury caused by torture.' He was in coma and was nursed in Cincinnati city.

  • Amazon extends billion in airport

    Amazon extends billion in airport

    cincinnati February 1, 2017 09:00 Hot Recent News

    Amazon has chosen a home for the overflight of orders. The Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky International Airport, on the border of the states of Kentucky and Ohio, which is a hub for aircraft Amazon Prime Air. Amazon puts it $ 1.5 billion in converted 1.4 billion.

  • Dr Heimlich deceased after heart attack

    Dr Heimlich deceased after heart attack

    cincinnati December 17, 2016 19:00 Hot Recent News

    The famous inventor of the Heimlich maneuver, Dr. Henry Heimlich, in Cincinnati in the US state of Ohio deceased. He was 96 years old. That made his family famous, writing local media. Heimlich died in the local hospital of complications following a severe heart attack on Monday.

  • Heroin epidemic USA more extreme

    Heroin epidemic USA more extreme

    August 25, 2016 18:36 Hot Recent News

    The heroin epidemic in the United States always takes extreme forms. The number of deaths from overdoses continues to increase and drug fighters signaling a new trend: the extremely addictive drug is cut in some places with carfentanil. This painkiller is 10,000 times more potent than morphine. Two milligrams of this stuff is already enough to sail an African elephant.

  • No follow-toddler-gorilla-drama

    June 7, 2016 05:57 Hot Recent News

    The mother of the toddler who fell in the Cincinnati Zoo in the animal gorilla Harambe will not be prosecuted. Which published a prosecutor in the state of Ohio on Monday.

  • Parents do not persecuted for gorilla incident

    Parents do not persecuted for gorilla incident

    ohio June 6, 2016 19:15 Hot Recent News

    Washington Post reports that the parents of the 3-year-old boy last month fell into a gorilla staying at a zoo in Cincinnati (USA), can not be prosecuted. The father and mother should be put to the death of the animal borne by negligence. Gorillas, Harambe (17), after the fall of the boy was shot dead by the zoo staff.

  • 'Gorilla toddler' has concussion

    'Gorilla toddler' has concussion

    cincinnati May 30, 2016 22:03 Hot Recent News

    The little boy in a zoo, the Cincinnati Zoo has fallen into a gorilla enclosure, a concussion and 'some scratches. So says the mother of the infant on Facebook. Michelle Gregg requires understanding,, because accidents happen. '

  • Anger to kill gorillas in zoo

    Anger to kill gorillas in zoo

    cincinnati May 29, 2016 17:30 Hot Recent News

    After zoo staff in Cincinatti shot and killed a 17-year-old gorilla because a toddler fell into his residence, place users on social media both the zoo and the parents of the child through the hoops. Many wonder how it could happen on earth could arrive a little boy of four unseen in the residence of a gorilla. The question arises why the ape could not just be numb.

  • Gorilla toddler tosses around in zoo
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    Gorilla toddler tosses around in zoo

    May 29, 2016 10:45 Hot Recent News

    A child of three years Saturday afternoon (local time) seriously injured in a zoo in the US city of Cincinnati by an adult gorilla of almost 200 kilos, after the toddler over the fence in the anthropoid stay had fallen.

  • More details family murder Ohio

    More details family murder Ohio

    peebles April 23, 2016 20:42 Hot Recent News

    Twenty-four hours after the massacre in the US state of Ohio, police have no idea who killed eight members of the family Rhoden. Investigators conclude that the offender has robbed at the scene of the killings of life. There is now reward from $ 25,000 promised. Police have said 30 acquaintances of the family.

  • Google and Apple preying on NFL rights

    Google and Apple preying on NFL rights

    January 10, 2016 17:14 Hot Recent News

    Google and Apple have joined in the fight mixed to the broadcasting of three NFL games in the coming season. According to Reuters, the two tech companies want to broadcast football matches played in London. Last season, Yahoo had the rights to one game.

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