• Stone-rich farmer killed by a dog

    Stone-rich farmer killed by a dog

    bristol November 23, 2018 16:32 Hot Recent News

    A farmer and successful entrepreneur from North Somerset in the southwest of England, who was found dead next to his tractor, was probably killed by his dog. The inspector who investigated the accident reported this to the newspaper The Independent.

  • Fallen Madonna is sold

    Fallen Madonna is sold

    bristol November 16, 2018 17:48 Hot Recent News

    The most wanted painting from the Second World War, that of The Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies, is for sale. The iconic work of the fictional painter Van Klomp, which was shown in numerous episodes of the TV series 'Allo' Allo, is being offered for auction.

  • Lifetime for acid attack on Dutchman

    Lifetime for acid attack on Dutchman

    london May 23, 2018 11:03 Hot Recent News

    A woman in Great Britain was sentenced to life imprisonment for an acid attack on her former friend Mark van Dongen from Rijsbergen. Berlinah Wallace (48) is eligible for early release after twelve years, reports the BBC.

  • 'London approves nuclear plant construction well'

    'London approves nuclear plant construction well'

    September 20, 2016 03:42 Hot Recent News

    "The British government, the French energy company EDF Thursday granted permission to build a new nuclear power station in England with Chinese financing. The government there are new conditions attached to it, which can prevent a possible sale of the majority stake of EDF both before and after delivery."

  • Johnson takes one on Brexit

    Johnson takes one on Brexit

    london June 22, 2016 20:33 Hot Recent News

    introduce tough campaign four months Wednesday comes to an end for the Brexit activists. For one last time the supporters and opponents had their say in order to attract voters over.

  • Dead camping festival Glastonbury

    Dead camping festival Glastonbury

    glastonbury June 21, 2016 19:42 Hot Recent News

    a man killed in the 20 at the site of the famous British Glastonbury Festival. The festival goer was discharged with burns in an ambulance and later died. What exactly happened is still unclear. The police is not a crime.

  • British House of Lords stiff talking about porn

    British House of Lords stiff talking about porn

    london November 5, 2015 19:00 Hot Recent News

    The House of Lords talks Thursday about pornography, with mostly older Lords and Ladies stiff upper lip should broach racy topics. The nobles want clarity about what needs to happen for young people to get any wrong ideas about sex, but British media mainly to entertain the tone of the debate.

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