• Venezuela closes borders with ABC islands

    willemstad January 6, 2018 09:48 Hot Recent News

    Venezuela has closed the border for 72 hours for all trade with Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. President Nicolas Maduro wants to prevent this in his country from being shipped scarce food to the ABC countries.

  • Stony bank manager acquitted on Curaçao

    willemstad November 17, 2017 18:39 Hot Recent News

    Bank director Emsley Tromp was acquitted of tax evasion by the judge on Curaçao today. The former director of the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten was on trial for suspected fraud with his declarations.

  • Finally home

    Finally home

    September 11, 2017 05:57 Hot Recent News

    After spending days in fear of apocalyptic Saint Maarten, Dutch tourists finally went to safe Curacao. They are relieved, but also worried: how about the poor people who are left in hell?

  • 9 years old after abuse pastor

    9 years old after abuse pastor

    willem city July 5, 2017 20:36 Hot Recent News

    The Curaçao pastor Orlando B. was sentenced to nine years in prison for sexual abuse by the court in Willemstad on Wednesday afternoon. He may also not perform the function of pastor for fourteen years. Against the spiritual, eighteen years of celery was required.

  • 25 years cell for murder broker Wiels

    25 years cell for murder broker Wiels

    willem city May 11, 2017 15:27 Hot Recent News

    Burney Fonseca, aka 'Nini', has been convicted of custody of Helmin Wiels as a murder broker for 25 years. That is what the court in Willemstad announced today. It was this week exactly four years ago that the most popular politician of Curaçao was shot on the beach of Marie Pompoen.

  • Claim 26 years against 'intermediary' murder Wiels

    Claim 26 years against 'intermediary' murder Wiels

    willem city April 19, 2017 21:09 Hot Recent News

    Justice on Curaçao has demanded 26 years of celestial punishment against Burney 'Nini' F., who is suspected of acting as an intermediary in the murder of politician Helmin Wiels. The shooter, Elvis 'Monster' K., was previously convicted of a lifetime conviction. Before the court in Willemstad he indicated F. as the one who provided him with the order for the murder and paid for it.

  • 'Let them send a firing squad '

    'Let them send a firing squad '

    willemstad March 31, 2017 07:57 Hot Recent News

    Seize Netherlands in Curacao or not? That is the question this morning as the National Council of Ministers in The Hague meets to examine the guarantee of free elections on the Caribbean island of April 28th. For days the interim government seemed Pisa's out to sabotage the elections.

  • Governor Curacao: elections continue

    Governor Curacao: elections continue

    willemstad March 28, 2017 08:54 Hot Recent News

    The parliamentary elections on April 28 in Curacao simply continue. According to a decision Monday (local time) was announced. The governor of the island will be a decision of last week installed interim government to postpone the elections, not signs.

  • 'Curaçao is down by strike'

    'Curaçao is down by strike'

    September 20, 2016 04:09 Hot Recent News

    "By a general strike, all schools closed in Curacao and is not working in many companies and government agencies. The power is out in many neighborhoods, making Internet is impossible. Thursday appeared part of the employees of the energy company Aqualectra not at work."

  • Ballot Box Gang ' failed state ' Venezuela

    Ballot Box Gang ' failed state ' Venezuela

    caracas December 4, 2015 08:30 Hot Recent News

    The opposition would be Sunday in the parliamentary elections in Venezuela for the first time can get a majority. The oil-rich socialist country is there and has been disastrous for ' failed state ' baptized. The trouble with forged opposition coalition MUD (Democratic Unity Front Table) seems alternative.

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