• Thieves steal bull of 700 kilos

    sint truiden December 1, 2017 10:30 Hot Recent News

    In Sint-Truiden, Belgium, a (deck) bull has been stolen by a few thieves. That happens more often you would say, but in this particular case it does not seem to be amateurs, since it is a bull weighing about 700 kilos.

  • Stony bank manager acquitted on Curaçao

    willemstad November 17, 2017 18:39 Hot Recent News

    Bank director Emsley Tromp was acquitted of tax evasion by the judge on Curaçao today. The former director of the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten was on trial for suspected fraud with his declarations.

  • Dutch tourists tremble for Maria

    Dutch tourists tremble for Maria

    punta cana September 19, 2017 07:24 Hot Recent News

    The latest Hurricane Maria, now Category 5, is heading straight to the popular Dominican resort of Punta Cana. Thursday this busy tourist spot with dozens of luxury hotels is expected to be severely affected.

  • Hoosbuien on arrival on Caribbean islands

    Hoosbuien on arrival on Caribbean islands

    amsterdam September 19, 2017 06:48 Hot Recent News

    In St. Maarten, Saba and St. Eustatius, the long-standing hurricane Maria will cause extremely high precipitation. Weeronline expects the islands to get rain between 150 and 200 millimeters on Tuesday, possibly with more than 300 millimeters in space. That has fallen more than in September in the wettest places in the Netherlands.

  • Rampenbestrijder: Sint Maarten high on lists

    Rampenbestrijder: Sint Maarten high on lists

    philipsburg September 12, 2017 05:54 Hot Recent News

    Rampenfighter Rob McNamara of the Canadian rescue organization Global Medic is deeply impressed with the devastation on St. Maarten. The rescue worker visits every possible natural tragedy in the world, but the dramatic effect of hurricane Irma is causing few disasters.

  • EU withdraws 2 million for aid after Irma

    EU withdraws 2 million for aid after Irma

    brussels September 11, 2017 12:30 Hot Recent News

    The European Commission will immediately make available 2 million euros for aid to the Caribbean islands affected by Hurricane Irma. The money is intended to support the recovery of vital facilities, such as health, water and sanitation.

  • King: trust the help

    King: trust the help

    willem city September 10, 2017 22:03 Hot Recent News

    'The message I have for Sint Maarten residents is the following: We realize what happened to you and we will do our best to help anyone who needs help. Trust the help. '

  • The Hague hurts animals for hurricanes

    The Hague hurts animals for hurricanes

    amsterdam September 10, 2017 20:21 Hot Recent News

    Feed, medicines, horse decks, emergency kits and building materials: Irma Neijman from The Hague collects necessary goods for animals on St. Maarten. 'Animal help is not the priority for many,' she says. 'I understand, but if we do not deliver these things as quickly as possible, many animals on the island will not save it.'

  • French aid Saint Maarten is still advancing

    French aid Saint Maarten is still advancing

    paris September 8, 2017 20:03 Hot Recent News

    While criticizing Dutch aid for Sint Maarten, the French rescue services do not contain an inverted word. On the affected islands of Saint Bartholomew and the French part of Saint Maarten, there are a thousand soldiers, firemen and agents active from Saturday.

  • After Irma Hurricane José came in

    After Irma Hurricane José came in

    the bilt September 7, 2017 09:27 Hot Recent News

    Saint Maarten has to make up for another hurricane in the coming days. José is coming. The new storm is a lot less powerful than his sister, but again, according to Weeronline.nl weather agency, after the devastating power of Irma, it can again inflict a lot of damage to the island.

  • Hurricane Irma approaches islands, streets blank

    Hurricane Irma approaches islands, streets blank

    philipsburg/rijswijk September 6, 2017 07:00 Hot Recent News

    The powerful Hurricane Irma draws on the Caribbean on Wednesday. According to Weatherplaza, the hurricane will soon be the first to hit Barbuda. The island belonging to the state of Antigua and Barbuda will be 'full hit', expects meteorologist Marco Verhoef. In Philipsburg on Sint Maarten the streets are already blank due to the rain preceding the hurricane.

  • Passenger data with Curaçao

    Passenger data with Curaçao

    the hague July 11, 2017 22:24 Hot Recent News

    Minister Stef Block (Security and Justice) and Curaçao, Saint Maarten and Aruba have made agreements that need to bring closer passenger data exchange. That happened on St. Maarten on Tuesday during the so-called Justice Vierlanden Concert.

  • Plasterk tap Sint Maarten on fingers

    Plasterk tap Sint Maarten on fingers

    the hague April 7, 2017 13:48 Hot Recent News

    St. Martin gets a slap on the wrist from outgoing Minister Plasterk (Kingdom Relations). The government of the island refuses to agreements to install Integrity House 'to tackle corruption. The minister now wants to force the country.

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