• Satanists filed lawsuit against Netflix

    Satanists filed lawsuit against Netflix

    salem November 22, 2018 14:16 Hot Recent News

    A satanist organization that had dragged Netflix to court said it has taken an 'amicable settlement.' The Satanic Temple had claimed $ 50 million (nearly 44 million euros) because their image of goat god Baphomet would have been used without permission in a series about a teenage witch, CNN said.

  • Rome scared of attacks at Easter

    Rome scared of attacks at Easter

    rome March 31, 2018 07:15 Hot Recent News

    Italian authorities hold their hearts for Easter attacks, the most important feast for Christianity. The outgoing Minister of the Interior Marco Minniti warns that Muslim terrorists have Rome in their sights.

  • Solar eclipse in usa

    Solar eclipse in usa

    salem August 21, 2017 15:03 Hot Recent News

    As of 18:00 Dutch time, a solar eclipse will be seen today in the United States. In the state of Oregon on the West Coast, the sun disappears first behind the moon, to be completely obscured around 19.17.

  • Morocco 'comes home' in African Union

    Morocco 'comes home' in African Union

    addis ababa January 31, 2017 12:48 Hot Recent News

    The African Union Morocco Tuesday formally readmitted as a member for more than thirty years after Rabat withdrew from the precursor of the continental organization because of a disagreement over the status of Western Sahara.

  • 'Fietsbom 'in Kabul

    'Fietsbom 'in Kabul

    kabul March 25, 2016 17:14 Hot Recent News

    The explosion of a bomb which was confirmed Friday has broken a period of relative calm in the Afghan capital Kabul on a bicycle. The explosion in the diplomatic quarter Macro Rayan hit one person wounded, said deputy police chief Salem Almas.

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