Reddit launches news site

Reddit launches news site

Tech October 7, 2015 23:44

- Link Share Site Reddit launched a new project : upvotes . Here the most shared articles and links are presented in a more stylish way .

The core of the traditional Reddit's users a link to a site, article, video or other piece of content sharing, and can give another "redditors'  this one ' upvote or down vote. Because of this should - in theory - the most interesting links appear at the top. It is also possible to respond to the links and to engage in a discussion with other users.

Upvoted makes use of the idea that the links with most upvotes are also the most interesting. The site has its own editorial staff that publishes besides choosing popular links on Reddit also own articles , although this is more intended to support the topics that a lot on the parent site to see. Also noteworthy is the revenue model . Instead of placing regular ads, sponsor companies may already published pieces .

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