Pluto 'blue sky'

Pluto 'blue sky'

World October 8, 2015 23:03

boulder - Pluto may compared to Earth barely have an atmosphere, what little gas around the dwarf planet seems something in the atmosphere around our planet. New color photos of the New Horizons probe has sent back, clearly shows a blue shell around Pluto.

Who could have anticipated a blue sky in the Kuiper Belt? It's beautiful!, reacts principal investigator Alan Stern Stern enthousiast.En got more news to be excited about. Indeed, there is also ice found on Pluto . The frozen water is often in places that are of color on the photos of New Horizons red. The relationship between the ice and the red areas are still completely unclear.

I am completely surprised, said one of the New Horizons onderzoekers.Er were rumors about Pluto News NASA would announce Thursday, following a lecture in which Stern could not curb his enthusiasm over the news.

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