London wakes up after terror in metro

London wakes up after terror in metro

World December 6, 2015 09:07

london - The British capital 's Saturday night startled by a crazed self-proclaimed ISIS- trailer with a knife stuck around him in a subway station in London. Three travelers were injured in the bloody attack. The man was arrested by police officers after him with an electroshock weapon knew off. One of the victims was seriously injured in the attack, the two other victims were slightly injured. The identity of the plug is still unclear.

The incident happened at Leytonstone tube station. "This is for Syria! Your blood will flow! ", The perpetrator called as witnesses before he put the victim in the neck with a machete-like knife. The police treat the attack as a "terrorist incident".

I was heading for a Christmas of my work, then I'm all people panic out of the station saw come running, "says a witness on Twitter. ,, I still decided to go inside to get my subway, but when I was a man with a saw blade sway, I had to run for my life. "


According to The Telegraph, the perpetrator would have made gestures to people at the station. As they approached, the man would have lashed out with a knife. A policeman came running up moments later and fired his electroshock weapon off on the man. According to the Daily Mail were several power punches needed to disable the offender.

Panicked passengers would have fled the meantime, the site of the attack. Others picked up by The Guardian just their phones to take pictures and videos. Passersby filmed how the police the IS-trailer turned off. The horrific images is a large pool of blood on to see the floor of the subway station.


Some people reacted angrily to the attack. On the footage showed how a bystander "you are not a Muslim" yelled at the perpetrator, who was handcuffed by cops. The angry spectator was backed on Twitter, where people used the hashtag #YouAintNoMuslim.

Another witness told BBC Radio 5 that some bystanders reacted violently when the perpetrator was discharged. "Someone tried to throw a bottle," said the witness. It was also yelled at the attacker. "The officers said. Backwards Then they took him to the police van."

The identity of the perpetrator and the victim is not further disclosed. The police investigation is still underway. A spokesman confirms only that a suspect has been arrested and that there are three wounded. At least one of them with serious stab wounds to the hospital. The police treat the stabbing as a terrorist crime.

Britain this week began bombarding targets of IS in Syria. The first British attack took place in the night of Wednesday to Thursday, shortly after the British government had agreed to the air strikes. There were bombed oil fields in eastern Syria. Doing so would no civilian casualties. The Ministry of Defense has reported that in the night from Friday to Saturday in a second bombing oil fields in Omar are bombarded in eastern Syria.

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