Dead at new school shooting

Dead at new school shooting

World October 9, 2015 00:00

flagstaff - Again, the United States shaken by a shooting at a school . Friday opened a still unidentified gunman fire on the university campus in Flagstaff, Arizona . Then it noticed one dead and three wounded. The perpetrator was arrested by the police.

There is a suspect arrested, a first year student. He had a gun with him and was in a parking lot had a collision with a number of male classmates. It is unclear why he opened fire at the dormitory where students live mainly involved in Greek organizations, reports ABC News.

Studying more than 20.000 young people at the university in Flagstaff.

US President Barack Obama responded last week despondent in a shooting at a school in Roseburg, where nine people were slain. He then pointed to statistics showing that would occur again such shooting in a week. Obama responded Friday with a new promise to make every effort to curb armed violence in the country.

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