Copy protection 4K-series cracked Netflix

Copy protection 4K-series cracked Netflix

Tech November 30, 2015 15:00

- It seems that the media pirates succeeded the series video service Netflix in 4K resolution offers to copy and provide via download sites such as The Pirate Bay.

Netflix has been offering since its second season of House of Cards, his own series in 4K resolution, but until recently it not through the familiar pirates channels available. News website TorrentFreak reports that now almost all series from Netflix, as well as those from the Internet giant Amazon, episodes in 4K are available on sites like The Pirate Bay. The streams are hardware protected because both Netflix and Amazon on the so-called HDCP 2. 2 protocol use. This is part of the HDMI standard, which allows video playback devices is sent to beeldschemen. However, the Fire TV set-top box from Amazon still uses HDCP 1. 4, which can be cracked. Roku also supports older versions, allowing Netflix series "ripped" can be. Incidentally, the files are extremely large and show the image quality for still unknown reasons are not great, so it does not make much sense to download these versions.

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