Civil Club US wants strong encryption

Civil Club US wants strong encryption

Tech November 27, 2015 10:15

- The American civil rights movement Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) wants strong encryption by terrorists and criminals. That executive director Cindy Cohn writes on the organization's website. She responds with her ​​ruling on proposals from government agencies like the FBI to make encryption it easier.

" If the government asks people to remove their good locks on doors and windows and replacing them worse so that government employees can penetrate more easily in case someone is a terrorist, no one accepted that ", argues Cohn. " Worse locks make everyone vulnerable. " According to Cohn have insecure networks and digital technologies are just safer. The EFF believes that policymakers and organizations like the FBI must stabbing because their energy. " To ensure that doors can not be locked is not the answer to crime or terrorism. Developing and supporting better security is that it ", Cohn writes.

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