8 tips to watch movies on your tablet

8 tips to watch movies on your tablet

Tech December 10, 2015 14:14

- However, your tablet is ideal for watching movies, there are numerous ways to do this. You can install an app from a streaming service, extra content from your TV provider online or store movies on your tablet for later viewing. In this article you can read the best options.

Tip 1- The US service Netflix Netflix is ​​since 2013 active in the Netherlands and currently has more than one million subscribers in the Netherlands. From eight euros a month you can legally stream movies and shows on your computer, smartphone or tablet. After registration, you can login with your account on the app for your Android tablet or iPad. The app looks for both kinds of tablets the same externally. When you launch the app, you select which profile you want to watch something. Because you can create multiple profiles, useful if you like your Netflix subscription share with your partner or children. Based on movies and series that you have viewed, Netflix makes suggestions for you. Due to the different profiles will get you no Disney suggestions and you will see children no series for adults on their list to get. Moreover, you can create a custom profile for your child. In the app you tap Add your profile and put the box back for kids to. In this newly created profile will appear only films and series that have been released for twelve years and older. You can stream content from Netflix with only an Internet connection. It is not possible to store movies and series online. Tip 2- AanbodHet comparing video services is more difficult than comparing music services like Spotify. This is because the straight cut of the film industry is much more complex. In most cases, movies or series first offered to TV providers and these are then entitled to offer such a title exclusively for a certain time. This can cause strange structures: the last season of the Netflix self-produced House of Cards was until recently seen in Germany not yet on Netflix because their rights had already been sold to other TV provider. Mubi add every day that one film, but get there one way. The Netherlands has one serious competitor to Netflix with a similar model: Videoland Unlimited. Subscribe to Videoland Unlimited costs ten euros and has a greater range of Dutch titles than Netflix. You can try the service for free for two weeks by at www. video country. com for start choosing two free weeks. An app for Android and iOS is obviously to download the relevant app store. An interesting option if you like arthouse films is Mubi. The setup is different from Netflix or Video Unlimited Country: Titles are selected by curators and there is always a choice of only thirty films. Everyday there is a new film by, but is there another way. The subscription costs five euros per month. Popcorn Time In addition to the legal offer, there are also many illegal ways to watch movies and series. Only here so bad, because film studios go the next time the attack to reduce the look of illegal titles. Sometimes it is not clear whether this is a legal or illegal provider. Popcorn Time is a good example, via the website, it is possible even on your Android device to install an app, but its use is illegal in the Netherlands, and you risk a large fine. About Popcorn Time you can read here. There are countless sites out there initially look legit, but are not. Beware of sites like Popcorn Time, you risk a large fine. Tip 3- Using your TV provider in addition to Netflix and Videoland Unlimited there are also many services that are offered via your television provider. These services are often only available if you already have a regular subscription at the TV provider. Ziggo MyPrime is a good example, but also KPN comes at the end of the year with their own service, KPN Play. In some cases you have a Video On Demand (VOD) feature all free with your subscription, sometimes you can reorder it for a few euros a month. HBO is also a VOD provider, but this service is connected to your TV provider, so you can not enter if you do not have a subscription TV subscription. The benefit of HBO compared to Netflix is ​​that American series 24 hours after broadcast in the United States have been seen in the Netherlands, Netflix can take months. Since the merger of UPC and Ziggo are the services and Horizon MyPrime combined in the Horizon Go app. Tip 4- Online TV viewing no other option is to titles that have been seen on TV, at a later time to look back through your PC or tablet. The best known example is NPOs. namely, formerly Broadcast Missed. Here you can watch for example the latest episode of The World Keeps Turning or Cops Maastricht back. For both Android and iOS is an app available. Occasionally you will also find films again, these are the last few days on public broadcasting and broadcast rights for certain time are also valid for online use. Commercial broadcasters have similar services, as RTL service RTL XL and have SBS, NET5 and Veronica along the platform LOOK. In most cases you just like on TV commercials in between also. Broadcasters also have launched a joint service: NLziet. This service focuses only on Dutch series and TV programs and can be found up to a year after broadcast. For NLziet pay you eight euros per month, the titles or advertising. Through the site of the NPO you programs, series and films look back on your tablet. Legal optiesEr are plenty of other legal options to see webseries and programs. In most cases, you have to settle complaints. A nice example is the site of South Park. Here you can watch all episodes of Kyle, Stan, Kenny and Eric look back legally. On the website www. crackle. com you will find include free all episodes of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Jerry Seinfeld. Www. crackle. com you can find all free episodes of the web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Tip 5- Movie rental next to streaming video services are also online video stores where you can buy or rent movies. That last option is interesting. For the iPad arguments you can use the iTunes Store, Android users have the Google Play Store. A Dutch service, Pathé Thuis offers apps for both iOS and Android. From the app you choose a movie, you have in most cases, the choice of buying or renting. When you rent a movie, you have to decide what quality you want to rent the movie. In most movies you can directly choose between SD and HD versions, the HD versions are a bit more expensive. After purchase, the movie is downloaded to your tablet. You then have thirty days to start the rental movie, then it will be automatically removed. If you've started, you have 48 hours to watch the film. These films can also be downloaded after they are viewing without internet connection. Moreover, it is also possible for iPad users to the Google Play Movies & amp; To install, you can however only TV can only sync movies from your account directly purchase movies is not possible. In both Google's Play Store and Apple's iTunes store, you can choose from most films between a cheaper SD version or a more expensive HD version. Tip 6- Movie kopiërenEen Another option is to copy a movie from your PC to your tablet. To do this you obviously need a tablet with enough free disk space, because one film soon became a gigabyte or more to complete. With an Android tablet is very simple: connect the tablet via a USB cable to your PC, the tablet appears as an external disk in Windows Explorer. Drag a movie file from the Movies folder, and with the video player on your tablet, you can watch the film. Just make sure your tablet supports video format. If you are unsure, you can use a program like Freemake Video Converter to convert a movie file (watch out that you join uninstall unwanted extras). Do you have an iPad, the tablet does not appear as an external disk. You are forced to use iTunes to copy a movie to your iPad. Connect your iPad to your PC or Mac, open iTunes and your iPad will be recognized automatically. Click the name of your tablet at the top left and choose from the list for Films. Uncheck to synchronize movies and choose Sync to sync the movies on your computer with your iPad. Use Freemake Video Converter software to convert movies to a format that can be read by your tablet, mp4 is always a good option for both Android and iOS. Tip 7- To your TV stream on your tablet no movie watching is great, but occasionally will you ever watch anything on TV. Fortunately, you can stream with both an iPad and an Android tablet easy content to your TV. For the iPad does this using AirPlay technology, you must have an Apple TV for purchase here. Connect the Apple TV with an HDMI cable to your television, possibly connect an audio cable to your sound system and wipe your iPad from bottom to top. Tap AirPlay and select the Apple TV. The picture and sound is wirelessly sent to the Apple TV. With an Android tablet do the same principle using a Google Chromecast stick. Plug the stick into an available HDMI port on your TV and stream content from your tablet to the TV by tapping on an app on the available Chromecast button. A Chromecast stick is not only useful if you have an Android tablet, including PC and Mac users and iOS users can stream to stick with Google. Chromecast stick is plugged into an available HDMI port on your TV. Tip 8- PlexAls you want to view your tablet files on your computer and play, install the Plex app on your iPad or Android tablet. On your PC or Mac you need to install the Plex Media Server software. Click Computer and verify that your operating system is the right one. After installation, you will be directed to a website where you click on Create Account. If you do not want Plex uses anonymous data for product improvement, you get to the next page, uncheck the box for Send feedback path. Add a library to your Plex Media Server to be able to see it with your tablet to play and content. Click Next and choose Add a library to. For example, select Movies, then click Next. Click Browse to the media folder, select the folder on your computer that you used for movies and exit by clicking on Add to the library. Log into the app with the same account details and choose Activate (€ 4.99) to view your tablet content. This is a one time fee and differs from the Subscribe option (€ 4.99), this option gives you access to all the advanced options, but this will cost you five euros per month. Even so pay attention! If you add content to the folder containing movies on your computer, it is still very difficult in Plex Media Server on your computer, click the Update button library. Here you will find a manual of Plex with some handy tips. This article is brought to you by Total Computer. nl

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