• The reasonable president...

    The reasonable president...

    December 1, 2018 08:16 Hot Recent News

    Family man George Herbert Walker Bush will not mourn about it, but the 41st President of the United States, who died at the age of 94, will certainly be the man who did not finish the war against Saddam Hussein for younger Americans. That task was later reserved for his son, George W. Bush.

  • Man swims around Britain

    Man swims around Britain

    knows November 4, 2018 13:32 Hot Recent News

    Brit Ross Edgley (33) is the first man to swim around Britain's entire mainland. Edgley left for his monster tour of nearly 3200 kilometers in June and arrived in Kent on Sunday. The violent swam twelve hours a day in which he traveled 30 to 50 kilometers. Edgley had to eat between 10,000 and 15,000 calories every day.

  • Young lawyers forced to work through the night

    Young lawyers forced to work through the night

    amsterdam October 16, 2018 20:16 Hot Recent News

    Working in the City of London demands the utmost of people- trainees at a law firm have again experienced last week. Their boss sent them an e-mail on Friday at a quarter to five with the question if they could work through the night. Those who refused, had to provide 'proof' to legitimize the failure.

  • Melbourne commemorates Dutch

    Melbourne commemorates Dutch

    melbourne August 27, 2018 11:48 Hot Recent News

    The Australian city of Melbourne commemorates Tuesday the 27-year-old Dutch woman who recently died there. During a bike ride she was scooped by a motorist in a stolen car. To commemorate her there is a bike ride. 'Start where you want and finish at the corner of Chapel Street and Grosvenor Street \u0026 # x27 ;, #,' the place of the accident, the organizers say.

  • Yet Dutch success at Ocean Race

    Yet Dutch success at Ocean Race

    scheveningen June 24, 2018 16:45 Hot Recent News

    Carolijn Brouwer is the first Dutch woman to win the sailing race around the world. The 44-year-old pro from Scheveningen was the first to cross the finish line of the eleventh and final stage with her Chinese team Dongfeng in The Hague.

  • 19 cyclists injured after maneuver car

    19 cyclists injured after maneuver car

    wasmes June 17, 2018 18:06 Hot Recent News

    Nineteen cyclists were injured on Sunday by a strange maneuver of a motorist during a provincial race in Wallonia. The accident happened because the woman suddenly turned around on the course in Wasmes, a district of Colfontaine, and rode on the platoon. A driver was hit, several pursuers fell over him.

  • Trump wants to recall troops from Syria

    Trump wants to recall troops from Syria

    washington April 3, 2018 20:30 Hot Recent News

    US President Donald Trump wants to make a decision in the short term about the US military presence in Syria. The president made it clear that he is seriously considering reclaiming US troops. 'I want to go away. I want to take our men home. I want to start building our country. \u0026 # X27; \u0026 # x27;

  • Germany kills 'problem wolf'

    Germany kills 'problem wolf'

    dresden February 2, 2018 17:00 Hot Recent News

    For the second time, a 'problem wolf' was shot dead in Germany. It was a wolf in the Land of Saxony who had bombed two dogs in December and had come dangerously close to people several times.

  • Canadian police arrest nudists after 'bizzare crash'

    nisku, canada November 8, 2017 10:36 Hot Recent News

    The police in Canada are looking for the naked truth after five people were found in Adam costume on Monday after a bizarre collision on a country road. Agents were notified that a car was thrown on a truck in Nisku, west of the country.

  • Japanese emperor Akihito will finish in 2019

    tokio October 20, 2017 07:57 Hot Recent News

    The Japanese emperor Akihito (83) will most likely return to the end of March 2019. That's what the Japanese newspaper Asahi reports, based on sources in the Japanese government. In June of this year, Parliament voted in favor of a bill that would allow the 83-year-old Emperor to make throne distance.

  • Judge judges about million yacht issue

    Judge judges about million yacht issue

    amsterdam September 13, 2017 06:21 Hot Recent News

    Has producer Endemol acted incorrectly when a participant of the Million Yacht television program accidentally pressed the red button? On this question, the civil court in Amsterdam will give a verdict on Wednesday.

  • Schulz challenges Merkel for second tv show

    Schulz challenges Merkel for second tv show

    berlin September 12, 2017 22:18 Hot Recent News

    Martin Schulz, the candidate of the Chancellor's Chancellor's SPD, challenged Angela Merkel to cross the judges again on television before the Germans go to the polls on September 24. In the TV debate on September 3, according to him, many topics that touch the citizens were not raised.

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