• Fuss about 'unsafe space' at school

    canterbury November 21, 2017 15:27 Hot Recent News

    A British school has launched a bold idea: an 'unsafe space' at school to debate about controversial topics. The place has to serve as a forum, but some pupils see little benefit. 'You can be as racist, sexist and xenophobic as you want', says student Sarah Cundy to The Guardian.

  • Car full of drugs: 18 years in British cell

    canterbury April 22, 2017 13:42 Hot Recent News

    A 57-year-old Rotterdammer was convicted in Britain to 18 years old. He had clogged about 50 kilo drugs in a car. When he was checked at the entrance to the Channel Tunnel, he walked against the lamp.

  • Singer Peter Skellern deceased
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    Singer Peter Skellern deceased

    February 17, 2017 15:18 Hot Recent News

    British singer and pianist Peter Skellern is deceased at the age of 69. Which on Friday announced his family through the Mirror. Skellern became world famous in 1972 with the song 'You're a Lady '.

  • Sudanese prison that ran through Channel Tunnel

    Sudanese prison that ran through Channel Tunnel

    canterbury June 22, 2016 12:54 Hot Recent News

    A 40-year-old asylum seeker from Sudan has been sentenced by a British court in Canterbury to nine months in prison because he had walked through the Channel Tunnel from France to England and had disrupted train traffic. According to British media, he could after the ruling left the court a free man because he had served the sentence in custody.

  • 'Top incredibly corrupt countries' in London

    'Top incredibly corrupt countries' in London

    london May 10, 2016 17:40 Hot Recent News

    British Prime Minister David Cameron said in an interview with the Queen that on an anti-corruption summit Thursday in London, leaders come from 'incredibly corrupt countries'. 'There are a number of leaders of incredibly corrupt countries to Britain from Nigeria and Afghanistan, probably the most corrupt countries in the world,' Cameron told the queen.

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