• New Bern awakes in havoc after hurricane

    New Bern awakes in havoc after hurricane

    new bern September 20, 2018 18:32 Hot Recent News

    It is scaring in New Bern. Residents of the little town in North Carolina who return from their hiding places see the damage of Florence with displeasure. The hurricane has kept a good hold- and the danger has not yet passed.

  • Switzerland continues Russians for cyber attack

    Switzerland continues Russians for cyber attack

    bern September 17, 2018 13:32 Hot Recent News

    Justice in Switzerland wants to prosecute two Russians to carry out 'a cyber attack' on the world anti-doping agency WADA in Lausanne. In 2016, WADA itself reported that a large batch of medical data from athletes had been captured in a cyber-burglary.

  • Swiss want Russian espionage to stop

    Swiss want Russian espionage to stop

    bern September 16, 2018 19:48 Hot Recent News

    Switzerland demands that Russia stop espionage on its territory. In the past few days two new possible espionage cases have come to light. In The Hague, two people would have been arrested who possibly wanted to hack a Swiss research laboratory. The same men would also have stolen data from the world anti-doping office. That office is located in Switzerland.

  • Trace of vandalism by Florence: 200 people in trouble

    Trace of vandalism by Florence: 200 people in trouble

    wilmington September 14, 2018 20:00 Hot Recent News

    Hurricane Florence leaves a trail of vandalism in the United States. Because of the storm, trees are blown away and streets run under water. In the city of New Bern, according to CNN, at least two hundred people were saved who had been in trouble because of high water.

  • 13,000 tourists stranded in Swiss village

    bern January 9, 2018 14:54 Hot Recent News

    The Swiss village of Zermatt is isolated from the outside world. Due to avalanche danger, the authorities have closed the motorways, train connections, ski slopes and hiking trails in the vicinity of the small town near the Matterhorn mountain.

  • Windshield blows wagon out of rails

    bern January 3, 2018 15:06 Hot Recent News

    A whirlwind has blown a railway car out of the rails in Switzerland. The accident occurred north of the village of Lenk in the Bernese Oberland. The wagon has landed on its side next to the track and eight people have been injured. But the mayor of Lenk, René Müller, said that things went well under certain circumstances.

  • Swiss cannabis industry flourishes

    Swiss cannabis industry flourishes

    bern March 21, 2017 19:21 Hot Recent News

    Not too strong cannabis is already there, but lately, the industry suddenly blossomed strong six-year legal in Switzerland. Last year there was only a handful of companies in the market, but now there are already 140. The custom, which imposes tax on soft drugs sold legally, predicts that this year will go for over the counter more than 90 million. A quarter of that money flows to the treasury.

  • Turkish minister calls Merkel 'brave'

    Turkish minister calls Merkel 'brave'

    bern March 9, 2017 10:24 Hot Recent News

    Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu has expressed himself praised Chancellor Angela Merkel. 'Not just for Germany but for Europe, Ms. Merkel a very courageous person. They are looking for solutions to the problems, 'Cavusoglu said in an interview with the Neue Zürcher Zeitung in Switzerland.

  • Electrocution children in bath

    bern February 6, 2017 23:36 Hot Recent News

    Two young boys (6 and 7) in Switzerland have been electrocuted while they were bathing. There was a hair got into the tub where the two inzaten. How that could happen is not clear. That the Swiss newspaper Blick reported on the authority of the Swiss police. The hair dryer caused a short circuit so that the two boys were seriously injured.

  • Swiss railway sells bitcoins

    Swiss railway sells bitcoins

    bern October 31, 2016 08:18 Hot Recent News

    Rail passengers in Switzerland will be able to use the ticket machines at stations to buy bitcoins. Railway company SBB is going to do a test with it. Which begins on November 11 and lasts two years. SBB let it know Friday.

  • Swiss parliament wants to ban burqa

    bern September 27, 2016 13:18 Hot Recent News

    Switzerland is possible to prohibit the wearing of the burqa. The Parliament has agreed with Tuesday. Now the 26 cantons need to evaluate the plan of the nationalist Swiss People's Party (SVP). In Germany and Belgium it is already forbidden to wear face-covering clothing.

  • Swiss give security forces more rights

    Swiss give security forces more rights

    bern September 25, 2016 17:18 Hot Recent News

    The Swiss on Sunday in a referendum intelligence given more powers. According to the forecast of the national TV station SRF has 66 percent of voters favored a new law that drain makes it possible in individual cases phones to place listening devices in homes and break into computers.

  • Illegal acrobat (21) picked out suitcase

    Illegal acrobat (21) picked out suitcase

    bern July 7, 2016 15:51 Hot Recent News

    A 21-year-old man from Eritrea has been picked by the Swiss border in a tiny suitcase. The extremely lean man had himself folded so that he could crawl into the trunk and undetected by train from Italy could travel to Switzerland.

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