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  • Suspect Antwerp appeal

    Suspect Antwerp appeal

    ANTWERP March 29, 2017 17:09 Hot Recent News

    The man who last week with weapons in his car hard on a shopping street in Antwerp drove, is appealing against his detention. A decision is expected within about two weeks, Belgian media report.

  • Tusk: 'This is not a happy day '

    Tusk: 'This is not a happy day '

    BRUSSELS March 29, 2017 13:42 Hot Recent News

    ' This is six pages of prime minister Theresa May. There is no reason to pretend that this is a happy day. Not in Brussels and not in London. Almost half of British voters want to stay in the EU. 'That said EU President Donald Tusk Wednesday shortly after he officially received the notice from the hands of Ambassador Tim Barrow against the international press, waving farewell letter.

  • What is Article 50?

    What is Article 50?

    March 29, 2017 13:30 Hot Recent News

    The British today have put a new step in the United Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum process. The government in London, the so-called Article 50 letter handed to Brussels. This separation of the EU officially put in motion. Tough cost, so our foreign editor answered whatever questions you might have about this.

  • May: 'make our own rules'

    May: 'make our own rules'

    LONDON March 29, 2017 13:27 Hot Recent News

    British Prime Minister Theresa May has officially announced Wednesday the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union. They did this in a speech to the national parliament.

  • London says EU membership formally

    London says EU membership formally

    Brussels March 29, 2017 12:39 Hot Recent News

    The UK Wednesday's historic departure from the European Union officially put in motion in Brussels. The British Ambassador to the EU, Sir Tim Barrow, the suicide note handed something to 13.30 to Donald Tusk, President of the European Council.

  • Little baby buried alive

    Little baby buried alive

    MUMBAI March 29, 2017 11:42 Hot Recent News

    Residents of an Indian village have saved the life of a baby of six hours old was buried alive. The girl's mother dumped the child because she probably rather wanted a son.

  • Block: threatener mayor not prosecuted unjustly

    Block: threatener mayor not prosecuted unjustly

    DEN BOSCH March 29, 2017 10:33 Hot Recent News

    Minister Stef Blok (Security and Justice) thinks that the threats against the Mayor Jan Boelhouwer Gilze-Rijen should be prosecuted. During a visit in England said the outgoing minister that the decision of the prosecution not to prosecute the suspect was incorrect.

  • 'Action is many people's heart '

    'Action is many people's heart '

    March 29, 2017 10:00 Hot Recent News

    'I've been here since 07:00. But I had this morning have a breakfast and the people which we do not this, 'says Heart Netherlands presenter Mirella Markus. She is one of many famous Dutch today in Hilversum Sound and sit in the telephone panel during the day of action Giro555 for the victims of the famine in Africa.

  • 'Ruben did not know what was danger '

    'Ruben did not know what was danger '

    THE HAGUE March 29, 2017 09:24 Hot Recent News

    The 11-year-old Ruben from Oegstgeest which crashed this weekend after he tried stabbing the A44, knew his retardation was not what danger. 'He could not stand alone outside. He knew no danger. And we did, 'say the parents of the boy.

  • Turkish bank manager stuck in US

    Turkish bank manager stuck in US

    WASHINGTON March 29, 2017 08:54 Hot Recent News

    The US has arrested the second man in America by the Turkish state bank Halkbank because for years he would have evaded US sanctions against Iran. Mehmet Hakan Atilla would thereby have worked with Iranian Reza Zarrab gold trader.

  • Requirement: 10 and 4 years in prison for fatal brawl

    Requirement: 10 and 4 years in prison for fatal brawl

    ZUTPHEN March 29, 2017 08:51 Hot Recent News

    Against two men on New Year's Day 2015 as heavy fighting with a 23-year-old man in Deventer, that died of his injuries Wednesday ten and demanded four years in prison. A 27-year-old man with no place of residence, and a 22-year old man from Zutphen had to answer in court in Zutphen for the fatal brawl.

  • Few problems Schipholtunnel

    Few problems Schipholtunnel

    THE HAGUE March 29, 2017 08:36 Hot Recent News

    The problems with the Schiphol tunnel on Wednesday not ensured in the morning for unusually long traffic jams. Also on the detour routes were no major delays, according to the AA, which concludes that people respond well to the end.

  • Seized benefit squatters

    Seized benefit squatters

    Amsterdam March 29, 2017 08:24 Hot Recent News

    The pressure on the squatters at the ADM site in Amsterdam is increasingly performed. When the court filed an appeal to the owner of the land had been set at the ADM site after the squatters earlier they were vindicated by the court

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