• 'Air Force of Myanmar dumped into Andaman Sea'

    'Air Force of Myanmar dumped into Andaman Sea'

    yanghon June 7, 2017 14:18 Hot Recent News

    The air force of Myanmar that disappeared on Wednesday afternoon from the radar would have been found in the Andaman Sea. Three to fifteen of the total 104 passengers would have survived the crash, reporting aviation sources. However, this information is not yet confirmed.

  • Device with 166 people missing

    yanghon June 7, 2017 12:24 Hot Recent News

    An airplane of Myanmar's air force has disappeared from the radar. That declared the army of the country Wednesday. The unit has 116 people on board.

  • Adviser Myanmar killed at airport

    Adviser Myanmar killed at airport

    yanghon January 29, 2017 13:51 Hot Recent News

    An important legal adviser to the Government of Myanmar Sunday afternoon in broad daylight shot at the Yangon airport. Could Ni was fired outside the terminal of the busiest airport in Myanmar. In the attack were two others injured.

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