• Satanists filed lawsuit against Netflix

    Satanists filed lawsuit against Netflix

    salem November 22, 2018 14:16 Hot Recent News

    A satanist organization that had dragged Netflix to court said it has taken an 'amicable settlement.' The Satanic Temple had claimed $ 50 million (nearly 44 million euros) because their image of goat god Baphomet would have been used without permission in a series about a teenage witch, CNN said.

  • Trump largely avoids protests in London

    london July 6, 2018 16:48 Hot Recent News

    On his first visit to Britain as an American president, Donald Trump will avoid the expected protests in London as much as possible next week. He sleeps asleep from Thursday to the ambassador of the United States in the heart of London, but meets British Queen Elizabeth and British Prime Minister Theresa May outside the capital.

  • Fuss about New Zealand vega burger

    Fuss about New Zealand vega burger

    wellington July 5, 2018 13:54 Hot Recent News

    The vegetarian burger that the national New Zealand airline Air New Zealand serves on the flights from Auckland to Los Angeles is not popular everywhere. There has been a stir over the fake meat manufactured in California from plants.

  • Rome scared of attacks at Easter

    Rome scared of attacks at Easter

    rome March 31, 2018 07:15 Hot Recent News

    Italian authorities hold their hearts for Easter attacks, the most important feast for Christianity. The outgoing Minister of the Interior Marco Minniti warns that Muslim terrorists have Rome in their sights.

  • Homesickness to Churchill

    Homesickness to Churchill

    london January 20, 2018 04:36 Hot Recent News

    US President Donald Trump has restored Winston Churchill's bust in his office in the White House. But his literary qualities contrast sharply with those of the British war premier who, among other things, would win the Nobel Prize for Literature. However, the need to meet the extraordinary politician who was Churchill is great. It is a battle that contemporary politicians are doomed to lose.

  • Child (3) falls 6 floors down

    gent November 10, 2017 16:00 Hot Recent News

    In the Flemish city of Ghent, a young child fell meters down when it fell into an apartment building from the window. The current state of the child is unknown.

  • Socialists lead the government of New Zealand

    wellington October 24, 2017 07:48 Hot Recent News

    New Zealand has a new government led by the Social Democrats, despite the sounding victory of the conservative party in the September elections. The parties signed the coalition agreement on Tuesday. Premier becomes Social Democrat Jacinda Ardern (37), the youngest prime minister in the history of the country.

  • Ardern New Prime Minister of New Zealand

    wellington October 19, 2017 09:36 Hot Recent News

    Jacinda Ardern becomes New Zealand's new prime minister. The 37-year-old Labor leader will form a cabinet with a small nationalist party after the elections had not delivered a majority a month ago.

  • Half-smoked cigar Churchill worth gold

    Half-smoked cigar Churchill worth gold

    boston October 13, 2017 15:30 Hot Recent News

    A half-smoked cigar from former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill has spent more than 10,000 euros on an online auction in the US. The 10 centimeter cigar stump copper was a collector from Palm Beach (Florida).

  • Trump is at the heart of Emmy Awards

    Trump is at the heart of Emmy Awards

    los angeles September 18, 2017 05:54 Hot Recent News

    The great star of the Emmy Awards was President Donald Trump. During the celebration of the major US television prizes, numerous Trump jokes were over. Actor Alec Baldwin has won the prizes for his Trump performances in Saturday Night Live's satirical program and actor Kate McKinnon won with her imitations of Trumps rivals Hillary Clinton and President Kellyanne Conway. In addition, Trumps appeared to be former press officer Sean Spicer on stage.

  • Canadian with 24 women in court

    Canadian with 24 women in court

    July 25, 2017 11:54 Hot Recent News

    A former Canadian bishop, was found guilty of polygamy. The 60-year-old Winston Blackmore is married to no less than 24 women and has 148 children. Blackmore was on Monday with his brother-in-law James Oler (53), who has 5 women, for the British Columbia Supreme Court. Both can get a jail sentence of five years.

  • Headers sect convicted of polygamy

    Headers sect convicted of polygamy

    vancouver July 25, 2017 00:00 Hot Recent News

    A Canadian court has two sectarians who had separated themselves from the Mormon church convicted of polygamy. The authorities tried to get Winston Blackmore and James Oler for years, but that was difficult because their actions fell under the freedom of religion. However, in 2011, the Supreme Court ruled that the laws prohibiting polygamy were more important than religious freedom.

  • Criticism on error English banknote

    Criticism on error English banknote

    london April 29, 2017 13:27 Hot Recent News

    On the new five-pound note in England there is a deliberate grammatical error. That's what the English newspaper The Telegraph reports. The bill, which carries the image of Winston Churchill, has been in circulation since the end of 2016, but now only rumors have arisen about the mistake. The banknote also contains a famous quote from Churchill. This reads: 'I have nothing to sacrifice but blood, toil, tears and sweat.'

  • Morocco 'comes home' in African Union

    Morocco 'comes home' in African Union

    addis ababa January 31, 2017 12:48 Hot Recent News

    The African Union Morocco Tuesday formally readmitted as a member for more than thirty years after Rabat withdrew from the precursor of the continental organization because of a disagreement over the status of Western Sahara.

  • Trump: 'It was a beautiful day '

    Trump: 'It was a beautiful day '

    washington January 21, 2017 06:06 Hot Recent News

    President Donald Trump on Friday (local time) signed his first two Presidential Decrees. Trump did so shortly after he had taken in Washington the parade in honor of his inauguration to 45th US president.

  • Minister Johnson insulted half the world

    Minister Johnson insulted half the world

    london July 14, 2016 12:45 Hot Recent News

    Still well and truly begun for the new British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, his first foreign counterpart already make themselves heard. The French minister Jean-Marc Ayrault called him Thursday bluntly,, a liar, while the Brits just need a reliable minister at this time. '

  • Cameron led Conservatives back to power

    Cameron led Conservatives back to power

    london June 24, 2016 09:09 Hot Recent News

    British Prime Minister David Cameron, who Friday announced his departure did for his Conservative Party what Tony Blair did earlier for Labour. He brought the party back to the center of power, while other parties did crumble their supporters. The Tories since then have been inaccessible to a civil war within the conservative ranks on British EU membership, the party nearly detonated and Cameron took the cup.

  • Merkel: 'No benefit to Brexit '

    Merkel: 'No benefit to Brexit '

    brussels June 17, 2016 11:03 Hot Recent News

    With only just six days before the Brexit referendum rains scenarios about what should happen if Prime Minister David Cameron on June 24 to admit early in the morning that he has lost the battle and the UK to leave the EU.

  • Cameron put Churchill against Brexit in

    Cameron put Churchill against Brexit in

    london May 9, 2016 18:08 Hot Recent News

    British Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday his illustrious predecessor Sir Winston Churchill cited in his efforts to keep Britain in the European Union.,, Isolationism has never worked for this country, 'Churchill said, and it expresses exactly the aim of Cameron.

  • The dress of dresses is for sale
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    The dress of dresses is for sale

    April 14, 2016 14:00 Hot Recent News

    A famous dress is scarcely imaginable than the one that Marilyn Monroe in the film Some Like it Hot (1959) contributed. Who wants to buy it, can compete in an auction to be held later this year. Auction house Julien's Auctions expects that the proceeds from the 'black-naked 'dress converted will be around 400,000 euros.

  • 'Fietsbom 'in Kabul

    'Fietsbom 'in Kabul

    kabul March 25, 2016 17:14 Hot Recent News

    The explosion of a bomb which was confirmed Friday has broken a period of relative calm in the Afghan capital Kabul on a bicycle. The explosion in the diplomatic quarter Macro Rayan hit one person wounded, said deputy police chief Salem Almas.

  • Fiji cyclone death toll rises to 17

    Fiji cyclone death toll rises to 17

    suva February 22, 2016 06:35 Hot Recent News

    The death toll from the cyclone Winston Fiji has risen to seventeen sure. That made local authorities said Monday. Sunday the number of casualties was still five after the worst cyclone that Fiji has ever taken.

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