• Writer writing series Angelique passed away

    Writer writing series Angelique passed away

    paris July 16, 2017 13:06 Hot Recent News

    French writer Anne Golon, known for the historic series Angélique, died in Versailles at the age of 95 on Friday. Her books are translated into thirty languages, worldwide they sold millions of books. Angelique takes place in the seventeenth century. In the end, about thirteen parts have been published.

  • Success Series Macron has no end

    Success Series Macron has no end

    paris June 15, 2017 09:45 Hot Recent News

    The French voters return to polls on Sunday for the second time in a short time. The man who is always out of the box is meanwhile president of the republic. The party of Emmanuel Macron, La République and Marche (LREM), stalled at great profit in the second round of parliamentary elections.

  • Putin justifies receiving Le Pen

    Putin justifies receiving Le Pen

    versailles May 29, 2017 17:36 Hot Recent News

    Russian President Vladimir Putin justified the receipt of the nationalist candidate Marine Le Pen in Moscow shortly before the French presidential election. It was no attempt to influence, Putin said Monday after talks with the new French president Emmanuel Macron in Versailles.

  • Macron and Putin want fast Ukraine-top

    Macron and Putin want fast Ukraine-top

    versailles May 29, 2017 17:30 Hot Recent News

    France and Russia aim for a peaceful meeting in the so-called Normandy talks in the peace process for Ukraine's crisis-plunged Ukraine. In this informal group, Germany and Ukraine are also represented. The new president of France, Emmanuel Macron, announced this after a meeting with his Russian colleague Vladimir Putin in Versailles, Paris on Monday.

  • Putin arrived in Versailles

    Putin arrived in Versailles

    versailles May 29, 2017 14:03 Hot Recent News

    Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Versailles on Monday afternoon. Putin talks about his work visit with his French colleague Emmanuel Macron. Macron has announced 'a demanding dialogue' with Putin. The Kremlin expects Monday, 'an interesting and honest discussion' between the two leaders, reported French media.

  • Ex-diplomat Syria arrested for rape

    Ex-diplomat Syria arrested for rape

    geneva December 14, 2016 11:15 Hot Recent News

    France has arrested a former Syrian diplomat who was wanted for rape in Switzerland in 1997. The man was convicted in absentia in 2001 to thirteen years in prison. He lived in Versailles as a political refugee with a new identity.

  • 16 years in prison for sex tourist

    June 22, 2016 19:06 Hot Recent News

    The main suspect of a major child abuse case in France has been sentenced to sixteen years in prison. Between 2002 and 2011 abused the now 52-year-old Thierry D. Sri Lanka, Tunisia and Egypt 66 boys.

  • Hollande drops controversial amendment

    Hollande drops controversial amendment

    March 30, 2016 13:21 Hot Recent News

    French President Francois Hollande abandons plans to change the constitution. The change was aimed among others at removing the citizenship of persons convicted of terrorism. Hollande said Wednesday that he stops the debate. He gives up, after it was revealed in his opinion that the French House of Representatives and the Senate, there still would not come out.

  • Mein Kampf published with explanation

    Mein Kampf published with explanation

    December 2, 2015 13:45 Hot Recent News

    The infamous manifesto of German dictator Adolf Hitler (1889-1945), Mein Kampf, is reissued, provide critical commentary. The South German Institute for Contemporary History (IFZ) uses it to December 31, seventy years after Hitler's death, all copyrights expired for the book.

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