• Space probe after 40 years flying now on edge of solar system

    Space probe after 40 years flying now on edge of solar system

    washington October 8, 2018 13:16 Hot Recent News

    The American spacecraft Voyager 2 is about to leave our solar system. After more than forty years of continuous flying, he has come to the edge, almost 18 billion kilometers from the earth. In a while, the probe enters the endless space between the stars. When that happens exactly, it is unpredictable, because scientists do not know exactly what the universe looks like there.

  • Tess is looking for planets

    Tess is looking for planets

    cape canaveral April 14, 2018 08:42 Hot Recent News

    She will not find extraterrestrial life. But Tess, a new space telescope, can bring us a step closer to an answer to the question: is there somewhere else in the universe a planet where life might be possible. The American explorer is launched in the night from Monday to Tuesday (Dutch time). The launch is scheduled for 00.32 hours Dutch time.

  • Ballet around star Kepler-223

    Ballet around star Kepler-223

    berkeley May 13, 2016 05:08 Hot Recent News

    A striking ballet around the star Kepler-223. He has four planets rotate synchronously. In the time it takes for the inner planet for eight rounds, the second planet makes six rounds, the third and the four outer three.

  • Eclipse of three years

    Eclipse of three years

    February 18, 2016 17:49 Hot Recent News

    Over three years, no sun in the sky. So far the system TYC 2505-672-1-look. All this time the star disappeared behind a thick cloud of gas. It is the longest eclipse ever measured.

  • 'Big planet beyond Pluto'

    'Big planet beyond Pluto'

    January 20, 2016 18:56 Hot Recent News

    Far beyond Pluto, on the outside of our solar system, is possibly another planet. There has long been talked about, but two US scientists say they have new evidence. They explain it in the latest edition of the leading science magazine The Astronomical Journal, which was released Wednesday.

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