• German neo-Nazi festival may continue
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    German neo-Nazi festival may continue

    meiningen June 1, 2018 15:48 Hot Recent News

    The court in the German city of Meiningen has lifted the ban on the right-wing extremist rock festival 'Rock against foreigners'. The Hildburghausen district had banned the festival in Themar (8-9 June) because rare bird species on and around the site raise their young. The court found the ban invalid, because there is insufficient evidence that the festival violates nature conservation laws. An appeal can still be lodged against this decision.

  • Neonazi concert goes smoothly

    Neonazi concert goes smoothly

    themar July 15, 2017 22:48 Hot Recent News

    More than 5000 fans of extreme right minded gathered in Themar on Saturday for the biggest neonazi concert of the year in Germany. The town with almost 3000 inhabitants in Thuringia was in a state of siege. Serious irregularities, however, continued, counter demonstrations too.

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