• Mother Skripal knows nothing

    Mother Skripal knows nothing

    amsterdam March 28, 2018 12:30 Hot Recent News

    The mother of the poisoned Russian spy Sergei Skripal has no idea that her son and granddaughter Julia have been in a coma for three weeks in a hospital in Salisbury. Her family has shielded the 90-year-old woman from the bad news.

  • Nerve gas was in the baggage daughter Skripal

    Nerve gas was in the baggage daughter Skripal

    london March 16, 2018 08:09 Hot Recent News

    The daughter of former spy Sergei Skripal may have unsuspectingly brought the means with which she and her father were poisoned from Moscow. The intelligence services think that the drug is stopped in the woman's luggage, say sources against the British newspaper The Telegraph.

  • Turkish army advances to suburbs Afrin

    Turkish army advances to suburbs Afrin

    damascus March 10, 2018 15:27 Hot Recent News

    After a week of offensive, Turkish soldiers have reached the outskirts of the city of Afrin in the north of Syria. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the Turks are advancing on the east side of the city.

  • Little boy (7) victim of sick joke at toilet fast food restaurant
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    Little boy (7) victim of sick joke at toilet fast food restaurant

    February 22, 2018 14:51 Hot Recent News

    What would have been a pleasant trip to fast food restaurant Quick, turned into a painful situation for 7-year-old Mattéo. After a visit to the toilet of the branch in the Belgian Châtelineau, the boy appeared to have severe burns on the buttocks. According to his mother, this is a sick joke in which some bad boys lubricate glue on the toilet seat to 'stuck' accidental toilet users.

  • Police warn of life-threatening hype

    Police warn of life-threatening hype

    mechelen February 19, 2018 13:42 Hot Recent News

    The Mechelen police warn of a life-threatening game played by some young people in the Belgian city. They suddenly jump for a moving car, so the driver has to brake immediately. That writes Gazet van Antwerpen.

  • 'New scandal Oxfam: rapes in cover'

    'New scandal Oxfam: rapes in cover'

    london February 13, 2018 11:03 Hot Recent News

    The cesspit around Oxfam seems to be getting deeper and deeper. Former employee Helen Evans (37) opens a book on Tuesday about wiping- according to her- widespread sexual abuse of Oxfam employees, and forcing people to commit sex. 'If parents knew that employees would not be monitored, they would no longer send their children as a volunteer.'

  • Attorney Abdeslam inundated with hate mail

    Attorney Abdeslam inundated with hate mail

    brussels February 10, 2018 07:03 Hot Recent News

    A day after his fiery plea in which he asked for the acquittal of terrorist Salah Abdeslam, lawyer Sven Mary received as many as forty hatred and threatening e-mails. His children are also threatened, write different Flemish media. His plea in the courtroom was barely behind us or social media erupted a scoundrel cannibal.

  • Finalist beauty contest beats 4000 girls but turns out to be man

    Finalist beauty contest beats 4000 girls but turns out to be man

    February 6, 2018 11:15 Hot Recent News

    He had already penetrated the final of Miss Virtual Kazahstan when he had to tell that it was all a big joke. To show that almost all women follow the same beauty trends, Ilay Dyagilev decided to join in for the joke. The 22-year-old model from Kazakhstan ended up in the final battle and in the meantime defeated almost 4000 candidates.

  • Why did the neighbors of 'horror family' not use Turpin?

    Why did the neighbors of 'horror family' not use Turpin?

    perris January 27, 2018 07:57 Hot Recent News

    A house where- literally and figuratively- a strange smell hangs and thirteen children who always look pale, young and malnourished. If someone already got to see them. Many horror scenarios took place behind the Turpin family's façade. But why did it take so long until the child abuse came to light?

  • Wolf escapes from a storm-damaged cage

    Wolf escapes from a storm-damaged cage

    beenham January 18, 2018 11:39 Hot Recent News

    A wolf walks around in the British county of Berkshire. The animal escaped after the storm had damaged its stay in a wolf shelter. The police tries to catch the animal and warns everyone to stay out of the neighborhood.

  • Vibrator with space technology

    berlin January 12, 2018 14:39 Hot Recent News

    Julia Ryssel from Dresden always wanted to start a business. Only in which branch did the 30-year-old German not yet know. Until she came into contact with aerospace technology during her studies. She has now incorporated them into a vibrator.

  • Topless activist Donald Trump in Kiev

    kiev January 5, 2018 18:54 Hot Recent News

    A topless activist from the feminist women's movement FEMEN has defied the cold winter in Ukraine to embarrass US President Donald Trump. The woman was sitting- pee naked- at the American embassy in Kiev.

  • Writer alphabet detectives died 'at Y'

    December 30, 2017 04:39 Hot Recent News

    She wrote a whole series of detective novels with titles that always started with a next letter from the alphabet. But, her daughter writes dramatically on Facebook: 'For us, the alphabet ends with Y from now on.' Writer Sue Grafton died last night at the age of 77 in California, in the midst of her family.

  • 'Tell me this is not your penis'

    December 14, 2017 13:45 Hot Recent News

    In New Zealand, a striking phrase was chosen as the quote of the year. At a public election of Massey University, 'Please tell me this is not your penis' came out as the winner.

  • 'Door ajar for North Korea'

    new york December 13, 2017 06:15 Hot Recent News

    UN envoy Jeffrey Feltman has the feeling that he 'opens the door ajar'; has left for North Korea to find a solution in a diplomatic way. That said the UN envoy after informing the UN Security Council about his trip to the country.

  • 'North Koreans at test sites struck by ghost disease'

    pyongyang December 5, 2017 14:03 Hot Recent News

    The missile tests of North Korea not only cause international tensions, but may also cause calamity in the country itself. Defectors (who have fled the country) claim that the high radiation to which the population is exposed has led to a deadly ghost disease.

  • Trump still doubts about 'capital' Jerusalem

    washington December 3, 2017 19:36 Hot Recent News

    The American president Donald Trump is not yet sure whether he will officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. That is what his adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner said on Sunday. Insiders expect Trump to come up with a statement on Wednesday.

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