• Century after murdering the Romanovs

    Century after murdering the Romanovs

    st.petersburg July 17, 2018 19:39 Hot Recent News

    This week it is a century ago that the last tsar of Russia Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra, their 13-year-old son and successor Aleksej together with their four daughters (Olga, Tanja, Maria, Anastasia) were taken by the Bolsheviks in the Ural city Yekaterinburg murdered.

  • Putin analyzes findings about MH17

    Putin analyzes findings about MH17

    st.petersburg May 24, 2018 21:06 Hot Recent News

    Russian President Vladimir Putin promised Thursday Thursday at the insistence of his French colleague Emmanuel Macron that Moscow will analyze the Dutch findings about the collapse of flight MH17. Because of the drama, all 298 passengers on Malaysia Airlines' aircraft lost their lives in eastern Ukraine in 2014.

  • Full supermarkets despite sanctions

    Full supermarkets despite sanctions

    st.petersburg May 19, 2018 04:48 Hot Recent News

    One of the most persistent current myths in the West is that the shops, markets and supermarkets in Russia are virtually empty as a result of the Western boycott. Not less true. Western tourists who visit Russia for the first time are usually baffled about the rich and varied offer.

  • Singer Aznavour became unwell in Russia

    Singer Aznavour became unwell in Russia

    st.petersburg April 25, 2018 20:39 Hot Recent News

    Charles Aznavour was hospitalized in St. Petersburg on Wednesday. The 93-year-old French singer became unwell during the rehearsal prior to his concert in the Russian city, reports the state news agency TASS. What is wrong with him is not clear. The concert that Aznavour would give was postponed.

  • So are our ways in Russia

    So are our ways in Russia

    st.petersburg April 20, 2018 19:00 Hot Recent News

    Even though you live in a tight one-room apartment in a deserted industrial town, deep in Siberia and virtually without money, the fairytale can also be reached. 'We have created a special program for these women,' says Marii Boucher in the St. Petersburg headquarters of the Austrian School of Etiquette. 'Elegance does not depend on money, but on knowledge and inner civilization. We are trying to bring this here in Russia. '

  • Bizarre: blue snow in St. Petersburg

    st.petersburg December 28, 2017 12:45 Hot Recent News

    The inhabitants of the Russian city of St. Petersburg are faced with a big mystery. The streets of the city have been covered with a thick layer of blue snow for a few days. The bizarre phenomenon is recorded on video images.

  • Iran warns US for termination of atomic treaty

    Iran warns US for termination of atomic treaty

    st.petersburg October 16, 2017 15:51 Hot Recent News

    Iran has warned the United States not to cancel the 2015 atomic treaty. 'We will then do something that will make the Americans break their decision,' said Iranian parliamentary chairman Ali Laridschani in St. Petersburg. He did not light up his threat.

  • Arrests in protest St. Petersburg

    Arrests in protest St. Petersburg

    st.petersburg October 11, 2017 00:00 Hot Recent News

    The St Petersburg police arrested Saturday night at a major protest against President Vladimir Putin. According to media, many arrests have been made. The reported numbers of detainees differ from one another. The newspaper Novaja Gazeta spoke of more than one hundred arrests.

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