• Many thousands of Rohingya were murdered in Myanmar

    amsterdam December 14, 2017 07:45 Hot Recent News

    Between 25 August and 24 September, more than 6700 members of the Rohingya minority in Myanmar were possibly murdered, including 730 children. The aid organization MSF-Holland estimates this on the basis of discussions with numerous refugees in Bangladesh.

  • Over 95 grand for key cabinet Titanic

    Over 95 grand for key cabinet Titanic

    london October 23, 2016 15:42 Hot Recent News

    The key of a closet that was used on the Titanic by a steward sold for 85,000 pounds (about 95,000 euros). According to the British auction house Henry Aldridge \u0026 Son belonged rusty object, according to the label fit to box 14 on the F-deck, to the then 23-year-old Englishman Sidney Sedunary. He worked in the third class of the famous ship that sank on its way to New York on April 15, 1912 after a collision with an iceberg.

  • convicted hacker mails Clinton

    convicted hacker mails Clinton

    September 2, 2016 04:42 Hot Recent News

    A Romanian hacker who claimed that he had cracked the mail servers of the US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, was sentenced Thursday. Marcel Lazar Lehel, alias Guccifer, received 52 months in prison in the United States. Justice denies that Clinton was among the victims.

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